Woman New To Telmate Commends Employees But States They Need More Training

A woman new to the telecommunications service provided by Telmate is having difficulty. She has called Telmate several times, and although she says all the representatives were very nice, they had no idea what they were doing. She said she is not blaming them because she feels management is at fault. All representatives should receive full training before they start answering the phone, and do not have the answers to the questions they are being asked. She feels this reflects poorly on both Telmate and their management. She said she would never place anyone she works with in the position of facing a client until she was certain they understood exactly what they needed to do. She said all this accomplishes is frustrating the employees, the clients, and damaging the reputation of the company. Since Telmate is the only provider in her area she realizes anyone wanting to talk to someone in prison in the area must use their services.


She said the fact that everyone she has spoken with at Telmate has been patient and nice helps. When the person could not help her she believes they felt bad, and kept apologizing over and over. She has dealt with other providers in the past, and said they always sounded like they were mad when she called. She still wishes they were better trained because it would make it easier when she needed something done. She does like being able to place money on her account by phone instead of having to mail in the payment. Despite the lack of training, she says it is still a much better option.


She realizes until her loved ones are out of prison, she has no choice. She has to figure out a way to work with Telmate or she will not be able to talk to them. She said it could be a lot worse because at least the people she talks to are trying, have never been rude or mean to her, and admitted once she figured out how Telmate’s website worked it was easier to use. She is just grateful she can make the calls.