We can Defeat Global Tel-Link

It might seem impossible to defeat a large corporation. I know that we are small, and they are huge. It appears that we have no power, but if people start flexing their muscles, we can do something. We have gotten big networks to fire people who have broken the law, and we have gotten cities to stop contracting with banks involved in things we do not agree with. Here are four reasons I think we should hit Global Tel-Link, too.

  1. Unfair

GTL has been charging people too much money. The FCC and others have said Global Tel Link rates are unfair. There are horror stories of people paying 89 cents per minute, and this is in addition to initial costs to join the company’s calling plan.

  1. Theft

Global Tel-Link has been caught possibly stealing from people. The connection is not totally clear, but from data collected by topclassactions.com, many people have received bills with added minutes and fees that did not belong there. Most of these people paid because they trusted the company, making this a crime.

  1. Lies

The company promotes itself as an inmate communication company that only wants to help inmates and provide a way to talk to loved ones. According to globaltellinkreviews.com, this is a lie as most of the people who use this company are forced to make sacrifices to make these calls since they do not make much money.

  1. Unapologetic

Most of the dirt on this company has been exposed for some time now. We know what the people at GTL have been up to, yet they are still fighting back. The FCC tried to put a cap on the company and the high rates, but they said this was unfair. The company actually fought the cap and won, for the most part. Global Tel-Link has also tried to deny any wrongdoing and claim that the miscalculated bills were errors. I hope that others join me in voicing their discontent with this company that needs to pay for its crimes.

Reference: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/global_tel_link.html