The Significance of Telmate in Penitentiaries

Telmate Company has more than ten years of experience in providing technology solutions. It is the largest and fastest growing inmate communications provider in the United States. The company offers tool services like video visitation, mobile applications, secure messages and investigating tools in penitentiaries. Telmate services are deployed and used in over 300 facilities in the United States. Their services are also available in some parts of Canada. Its headquarters are in Ontario, Oregon and San Francisco. Other than providing communication services, the company helps in administrative process in the facilities.

The company’s aim is to ensure inmates can use digital phones system and at the same time safeguard the security of inmates and workers is not at stakes. The daily inmate facilities operations are made more efficient with this technology advancement. The use of telmate command has efficiently helped stuff to easily keep track records of each inmate by using telmate tools. The technology devices raise an alarm in case of any actions or communications that may lead to crime.

The tablets keep the inmates occupied and avoid challenges that can arise due to anger, anxiety and boredom. By the use of this wireless devices, they can get reviewed photos and messages from family and friends, do job research, access inspiring and religious articles. They also reduce inmates violent behaviors. Telmate was the first company to introduce tablets to penitentiaries.

The company’s project to provide the wireless devices to the detainee’s facilities has efficiently helped inmates better their lives. The inmates have efficiently been able to get mentorship programs and education that encourage them to be good. It has helped to mould the inmates to competent individuals. Correctional units handle the prisoners efficiently regardless of the crime they committed. Inmates have been able to successfully deal with emotional torture which mostly leads to lethal diseases through the help of telmate. Telmate has made a significant step in ensuring order in Jails. Inmates significantly spend over 2 million minutes in a month in productive activities by using the telmate tablets. This has successfully reduced the crime rate in prisons.