The New Approach To Inmate Communications

In the world of his own, an inmate is able to keep in touch with other family members by communicating with them for example by making voice calls. Some of the communication devices include inmate tablets, video visitation kiosks and the commonly used S-phones. Reputable Communication companies that have been offering these services include Securus Technologies Inc. For over 28 years, Securus main objective has been to improve the inmates’ lives while reducing recidivism and at the same time ensuring improved safety and security of the inmates. The company achieves its objectives through offering their intelligent communication devices. Recently, on 4th March 2016, reported that the company distributed more than 84000 of communication devices to inmates. The importance of these devices to the inmates is that they convey education to them both at university and high school level. The devices also enable the inmates access to handbooks, law libraries as well as providing entertainment which is a vital component to a peaceful habitat inside the prisons. The other basic importance of the devices is that they provide effective video communications between the inmates and family members and friend, offer religious activities and most importantly enable inmates acquire employment opportunities upon being released as rehabilitated and reformed members of the society.

In seeking to transform inmate communications, the NCDPS announced that in its bid to comply with the Federal Communication Commission Order, fees and rates applicable to the inmate telephone system had changed effective 17th March 2016. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety entered into a contract with GTL a communications company to provide inmates with phone services to enable them reach out to their families or friends at large. The person who wanted to buy such phone time either for himself or an inmate was allowed to access the services through ConnectNetwork. This was the authorized account management and deposit portal for the communications company, GTL. Some of the deposit methods and accounts included AdvancePay Prepaid Telephone Accounts and the Offender Phone Debit Accounts.