The Keefe Group – Executing Remarkable Plans of Sustainability

The Keefe Group’s executive intelligence is out of this world. I’m specifically impressed with its ability to accumulate over $1 billion a year in sales and hold contracts with over 800 prisons. The planning results and getting teams on board to follow through is absolutely amazing.


Vice President, Paul Scherer has been overseeing the many department operations of the Keefe Group for about 11 years now. He has successfully ensured that product solutions are up to par, that customer service teams are proficient and that shipment teams are meeting their demands to customers. The leadership roles with the Keefe Group is immaculate, taking responsibility, motivating and encouraging their teams, producing incredible results as suppose. Paul Scherer is a big influence on the Keefe Group and it shows in their numbers.


With $1 billion dollars accumulated in sales a year, while shipping 25 million pounds of product a month to over 800 prisons, is following a pretty effective plan. Prisons currently in contract are looking to keep their contracts with the Keefe Group, while new comers are looking to sign. Staffed teams of the Keefe Group are getting along very well, trained well and executes as they are supposed. A well oiled machine the Keefe Group is.


There are so many positive reviews regarding the work environment at the Keefe Group. So many employees with a long history with the company, appreciating their positions and succeeding at great heights. The Keefe Group’s criteria for bringing staff onboard, successfully filters out the negatives and brings aboard the diligent, the genuine, the passionate, the responsible, the proficient and the motivated to support a system that exceeds the competition by huge measures.


The Keefe Group has six affiliates that works together with them: Keefe Supply Company, IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak and Advanced Technologies. Together, the Keefe Group is able to provide the correctional market with quality foods, snacks, beverages, electronics, music, communications, software solutions, automated programming and much, much more.


For further information on the Keefe Group, visit their website for details. The Keefe Group is an avid supporter of many charitable organizations.