The Keefe Group Continues To Improve Communication For The Correctional Market

The correctional market is rather large today, with prisons all over the country of all different sizes. The Keefe Group is the biggest contender in the correctional industry today, supplying correctional institutes all over the nation today. The Keefe Group started back in 1975 and has since been growing steadily in size and impact to the correctional industry. With more services and products available today than any other provider on the market, the Keefe Group is recognized as being at the top of the industry. Among the many services provided by the company, communications are often the most desired, especially for inmates. Technological advancements in communication over the years have allowed the Keefe Group to offer communication never before seen in the correctional industry, at least in a legal manner.


Communication services also go a long way in reducing correctional staff workload and stress having to oversee visits and the like. The Keefe Group even offers their client’s video visitation services today. Without ever compromising security or stirring up any trouble, the Keefe Group is able to supply communication services to increase the quality of life for inmates all over the United States today. The beneficial part of increasing the standards maintained at facilities around the country and bringing more humane treatment to inmates is the impact it has on the prison environment. More inmates are well behaved and the rate of recidivism is increased with better treatment.


Over the past several decades since the Keefe Group started supplying the correctional market, their goals have been to continue innovating and improve the standards in the correctional industry. Thanks to the collaboration that forms the Keefe Group, this large corporation is able to continue providing high-quality products and services while experiencing steady growth all over the country. The Keefe Group also gives back to the community through supporting associations such as the United Way and Big Brother Big SIsters charities.