The Keefe Group benefiting off of awarded contracts

Serving the prison system has become a billion dollar industry and several companies have attempted at being the top company but the company that has monopolized on the industry in the Keefe Group. The company began providing its services in 1985 but at the time was only working with one group but later grew to reach all over the country. The company continues to make one billion dollars annually every year.


As the continue to expand they have developed other businesses such as the Advanced Technology group, Keefe Commissary Network and Access Corrections. Because of the variety of services they provide, they have become the top company of their industry in the United States. The Keefe Group has several responsibilities with the prison system and they include most notably processing inmate deposits, selling prepaid debit cards and processing trust funds for those in prison. They are also responsible for the packaging and distribution of hygiene products, electronics and food.


The Keefe Group is part of a correlational group that was launched in 2008 and is awarded several contracts. Those contracts have begun to cause a stir as the public demands the state review the contracts. One such state is Mississippi, where the Corrections Commissioner faced an indictment involving contracts awarded to the Keefe Group. Because of that the Mississippi governor launched a taskforce to review these contracts and find a better way to award these contracts fairly. The Keefe Group had been receiving no-bid contracts. Florida has also become concerned with the contracts being awarded and have investigated corrections officials. For more than 50 years, the Keefe Group has been a private contractor operating in the prison system.


In Mississippi those contracts they received made them the sole provider of commissary items to the prisons thus becoming a massive monopoly. That allowed them to hike up the prices higher than what the items cost outside the prison. Despite the criticisms and concerns, the Keefe Group have been helping inmates feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable place, while also have a small piece of the real world with them in the form of good food and entertainment.