The Keefe Group – A Gigantic Player in the Correctional Market

The Keefe Group has given off to the market a fresh scent as pleasurable as baked cinnamon. Revolutionizing and adequating the market through reliable products and services, and customer care, that has remarkably landed the company in the driver’s seat of outstanding production and have driven them ahead of the competition by many, many miles.


In 1975, the Keefe Group joined the correctional market. As a beginner, it decided to take its baby steps by simply just providing the market with some really tasty coffee packets, which were a hit in a local St. Louis town prior to joining the market. The coffee packets were well received in the correctional market and so was the Keefe Group, which boosted the team’s confidence that would spark their next move.


Later, the Keefe Group would provide the St. Louis prison system with seafood. The seafood itself would be acceptable as far as quality is concerned, but what the market really was excited about was how the seafood was packaged. Plastic, plastic, plastic. During the introduction of their seafood packaged product, seafood products were packaged in metal and glass, and as a result, injuries and deaths would happen, as inmates would use such materials as weapons. The Keefe Group’s plastic packaged seafood would counteract these injuries and deaths, decreasing the injury and death rate in prisons by substantial percentages. These results would cause other players in the market to follow suit with this packaging idea and prison systems would change forever.


Today, the Keefe Group offers thousands of items and solutions to the correctional market that are totally favored by many recipients and has definitely made things a lot more convenient for the correctional market as a whole. Commissary items (snacks, food, health care items, clothes, electronics, etc.); software solutions (commissary, prison investigations, kiosk machines, etc.);communication (video visitation, collect call services, email, etc.) and more. The Keefe Group does it all. Visit their website for further details.


Today, the Keefe Group has managed to bring in over $1 billion dollars in sales a year. Production exceeds 25 million pounds a month shipped to over 800 private and public prisons. With six affiliates under their belt: Keefe Supply Company, IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak and Advanced Technologies, the sky is the limit for the Keefe Group.


Visit the Keefe Group website today for further details.