The Benefits of IC Solutions

IC Solutions is one of the leading inmate communications company. IC Solutions provides products and services that are designed to help you stay in contact with your family members and loved ones. They provide many options to ensure that you’re getting the proper services you need to best communicate in an effective way. IC Solutions holds a partnership with Access Corrections which allows inmates and loved ones to stay in contact through emails and photos. They use an MP3 program and can also deposit funds into an account securely and safely. IC Solutions strives to continue the communication lines between parties and their goal is to continue to help everyone stay in contact with convenience.

Some of the more specific products according to SJR that are offer are Debit Telephone Accounts, Prepaid Accounts, Collect Calling, Voicemail Messaging, Video Visitation, Secure Mail & Secure Photo and Secure Deposits. It’s free and easy to set up a debit telephone account and provides a more convenient way for you to keep in contact with incarcerated individuals. It’s a prepaid phone services that allows phone calls to be made at any time and offers three different ways to purchase a debit telephone account. They can be purchased online, by phone or mail. Collect calling is a more traditional way of making contact with the understanding that once the call is accepted, it will be billed to your phone carrier bill. If you elect to have a prepaid account service, you will have the ability to leave voice mails at any time for inmates. The voicemail services allow you to leave a detailed message at any time of the day and not worry about missing a phone call. It’s a convenient way to communicate. Video visitation, secure mail and phone along with secure deposits are also a great way to take advantage of the solutions made possible through IC Solutions. They understand how important it is to stay in contact with your loved ones, and continue to provide exceptional services for the community.

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