Telmate Reviews by Families and Friends

Telmate is a Company that was first started to offer communication systems, security, and controls. So far, they are among the leading providers when it comes to offering their services to inmates. Most families and friends appreciate the fact that they are actually able to keep communicating with their loved ones as they work through their time in the correctional facilities. As much as the services offered by Telmate are reliable and efficient in terms of security and control, they are very expensive.

Most of the people who have given their reviews state that the services by Telmate have their costs in multiples of other telephone companies they use on a normal basis. Accepting calls from inmates end up been a hefty bill for them as much as it is supposed to serve as a convenience. Others argue that as much as it is expensive, sensitive matters that need immediate attention can be addressed with urgency instead of waiting to get mail that can take up to four days to get to them. It has also been noted that when inmates are in contact with their loved ones, they are given motivation towards working towards been free as they know their loved ones are waiting for them. Furthermore, some people who are in the correctional facilities have wrongly been convicted and constant re-assurance of hope from their loved ones keeps them going.

Telmate has made it possible for people to add money to their phones so that when an inmate calls, the money can be automatically deducted from there. You are not charged to deposit the money to your phone when you do it in person or online. They also have very strict protocols put in place to control for any kind of insecurity. Calls are closely monitored and security actions are taken if a threat is detected. Some say these security checks are not reasonable while others think they are necessary to protect from further crimes. Using this service like any other service has its ups and downs according to the reviews given by people. It is entirely up to an individual to decide whether the services provide by Telmate are worth using or not.