Telmate: Innovating Inmate Communications

The prison industrial system has become big business. This comes from the fact that the United States and Canada has an estimated 2.2 million incarcerated people. For whatever the reason may be, these people have found themselves locked up behind bars for a certain amount of time. The field of corrections can be very stressful as well as dangerous at times. Crimes are still being committed from behind bars, and it must be dealt with accordingly. Maintaining the safety of the staff and maintaining the safety for the inmates is vital for a smoother running facility and this is where Telmate comes into the frame.


Telmate, formally known as Pinnacle Public Services, is one of the leaders in this exclusive community. This Oregon-based company has many years of experience in dealing with the prison industrial system, and it has years of experience with providing technological-solutions. One of the best ways to fight crime is by preventing crime. Telmate offers top-of-the-line security components for correctional staff members. This technology allows the staff to monitor phone calls, to record physical visits and to monitor real-time events. The services are fully-functioning, and the services are user-friendly. Crime tips, paperless documents, informative material and investigative tools are right at your fingertips. It would be extremely hard trying to find another telco company that can provide such benefits in an all-in-one package. Over 300 correctional facilities are contracted with this extraordinary provider.


Telmate is rewriting the books on inmate and staff security. Its newest solution, Telmate Guardian, is great for the supervising purposes of people who are on parole/probations. Offenders can be tracked through sophisticated apps that are accessed via smartphones. Every base is being covered here. No more ankle bracelets, which are extremely outdated and are less sophisticated. For the ultimate in inmate solutions, no other company can outperform Telmate on a consistent basis and that speaks volumes.