Telmate: Delivering Communication Opportunities

Telmate, previously known as the Pinnacle Public Services, is one of the leading correctional facility communications providers in the United States. The company was established in 1998, and they underwent rebranding which changed the company’s name. Telmate is an expert in developing technological products which helps inmates reconnect with the loved ones that they left outside. Initially focusing on the north western region of the United States, Telmate has expanded to include the Canadian territories and provinces. Currently, Telmate is offering four products to be used inside the correctional facilities across the North American continent. These are Inmate Communications, Inmate Content, Facility Control, and Facility Operations.


Inmate Communications allow the inmates to call someone using the devices provided by Telmate. It can call outside the prison cell directly to a phone number, or to someone inside the correctional facility. These phone calls are strictly monitored by the authorities to prevent any mishap in securities, and each conversation through inmate communications is recorded. The product includes a single touch acceptance feature, and it is equipped with voice mail and third party mobile application support, like Viber and Skype. The main access point needed to use inmate communications is a cell phone.


Inmate Content provides entertainment to the inmates. Through the use of tablet computers, inmates can play games, and access a rich storage of music and videos. It makes them pre-occupied and entertained at the same time. Facility control is another product from Telmate, but it is created for the use of the authorities. It will allow them to access all of the devices that the inmates are using, and they can view what the contents inside are. The authorities are monitoring each device in order to ensure the safety of everyone inside the facility. Last but not the least is Facility Operations, another product from Telmate which allows inmates who owns a device from Telmate to share content with one another. These products are available to inmates once they opened an account with Telmate. Telmate is hoping that through the introduction of these products, life inside the correctional facilities will be better, and inmates would have a chance to reconnect with their families left outside.