Telmate Connecting Inmates to the Outside World

Telmate is a leading company that provides communication services to inmates where they can communicate to their friends and families. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Telmate works differently unlike other inmate communication providers because it provides high-end services at an affordable price. Moreover, Telmate has its customer service office in Ontario which operates 24 hours, and therefore inmates are guaranteed performance.


Communications through Telmate is done through a Telmate account where the family deposits money for the inmate’s use and communication fees. Moreover, the account is used for other services such as entertainment, photo sharing and entertainment which also help the inmates in having interesting conversations with their friends and family.


Founded in 1998 as Pinnacle Public Services name, Telmate has always focused on providing inmates with communication services. Pinnacle was well known for delivering incredible services throughout the Northwest. Other than giving inmate communications, Telmate caters to the evolving needs of the corrections sector. More than 300 correctional institutions in the US and different facilities such as holding cells, city jails, state DOCs, county correctional centers and federal detention. Also, Telmate has been recorded to be providing wireless tablets in more than 50 correctional services.


Telmate’s largest account has more than 18, 000 inmates and in North America, the company has been ranked a leading telecom provider through its phone, tablet, video and offender tracking solutions. In the company, ideas from employees are encouraged by the management, and also they take the risk to experiment any idea that will benefit their customers.


On a daily basis, the company records about 15,000 data requests per minute summing up to 22 million at the end of the business day. With all this data, employees need to be watchful all the time because some processes are going on. Telmate has taken miles ahead to train the society on how to avoid crimes through providing different programs such as Telmate Cares, Telmate Heroes, and Telmate Fallen Heroes among others by educating the community of the negative impacts of crimes. Telmate is positive about having a secure society where people live comfortably by working towards curbing crimes.