Stay Connected To Your Love Ones That Are Incarcerated With Global Tel-Link

Global Tel-Link is a leading communication provider for inmates and correctional facilities. Consumerist has reported that 26 out of 27 invalidated claims against them has been dropped. A communication inquiry against them had released misleading information that was found to be inaccurate. As communication professionals they continue to bring quality service to their customers at affordable rates. They are actively working with correctional facilities and inmates to ensure they’re effectively communicating with the outside. Global Tel-Link understands the importance of being able to connect with legal contacts and communicate with your family and friends.

Available Global Tel-Link Services

Advance Pay

Advance Pay allows you to talk with your love ones based on the amount of credit that you have with their program. You can get a free inmate call and after the call is terminated you can decide if you want to go with Advance Pay. It comes with a one time activation fee and can be refunded with a $5.00 surcharge. You can load credits onto your Advance Pay account at any time. This allows the inmate to talk to their love ones anytime they want and even numbers that can’t receive collect calls can now talk to inmates.

Inmate Prepaid Services

Inmates can now buy prepaid telephone time during commissary. They can have an allotted amount of time on a card that gives them access to telephone calls whenever the phone is available. They purchase a prepaid telephone card from the commissary just like they would other items. They can work and buy their own phone time allowing them a wide variety of communication methods.

Inmate Video Chat

Global Tel-Link now allows inmates visual communications through their video chat. The fees are slightly higher, but they can speak to their family members, legal contacts, probationers, and more face to face. This feature is currently not available with Advance Pay. All video is in clear HD quality with clear audio features.

Global Tel-Link continues to be the industry leader in correctional communications. Your love one are a phone call away with their interactive services and technology. They have added more free features and communication related services that will provide you with the verbal communication that is important when someone is incarcerated. Visit their official website for more details on how to connect with the Advanced Pay.