Prisoners Intend To Put Keefe Group Out Of Business

If you ask prisoners how well they like having to purchase canteen goods from prison commissary supply company Keefe Group, you will likely get a hard eye roll and a few cuss words.


Keefe doesn’t have a very good reputations these days. In fact, Keefe has been in hot water for several year relating to everything from fraud to payoffs to overpriced canteen items.


Now, a number of people are speaking out about Keefe, and it’s high time they did. In the last 10 years, several individuals with ties to Keefe are either in jail or awaiting sentencing. The fact of the matter is, Keefe is a rotten as a banana that’s been lying in the heat for 5 days.


A number of inmates and family members have sounded the alarm about Keefe. They are hoping that some watchdog organization or consumer group will put them out of business once and for all.


Keefe has taken on Gestapo tactics in their commissary exploits. Not only are they the only game in town, they charge ungodly prices because they know they’re the only game in town. Keefe seems to be taking the love me or leave me approach, and it’s not sitting very well with some.


In the latest issue of prisoner produced and run newspaper Under Lock and Key, prisoners want Keefe gone for good. They are asking people who may have information on Keefe, or who are able to get it, bring it forth. Prisoners want the ability to present as much proof as they can to expose Keefe’s wrongdoings.


They are also asking Gov. Scott to intervene and help with the Keefe issue. So far Keefe is still humming along conducting business as usual. With a bit of luck, things will be changing for the better.