Prison Task Force Proposes a Ban on No-Bid Contracts

I came across a report from a group that was in charge of reviewing the current prison system suggesting that the Mississippi Corrections Department should do away with the no-bid contracts. The task force that had five members was formed after a correction commissioner had been indicted on corruption allegations. The task force was deliberating various recommendations that it would offer to the governor, Phil Bryant and other law makers. Christopher Epps, former correction commissioner and Cecil McCrory, a businessman, had been linked to corruption revolving around prison contracts.

The co-chairman of this task force Andy Taggart, an attorney, stated that the recommendations were aimed at promoting transparency in the government. I learnt that the task force was trying to make corruption to be as difficult as possible. Currently, the department of corrections has a total of six no-bid contracts. Three of these contracts are held by the Managed and Training Corporation based in Utah to manage the prisons in Mississippi and two with Health Assurance LLC based in Jackson for medical services provision. The last one is held by the Missouri-based Keefe Group to offer Mississippi prisons with commissary services. (Read More)

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