Get The Benefits Of A Keefe Group Telecommunications Network

Are you one of the thousands of customers who are tired of the rising inmate calling cost? Are you currently dealing with a network provider who doesn’t seem to have a competent customer service team? You’ll be glad to know the Keefe Group brings their patrons a stable network to give you more time to stay connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional institute. Their features enable you to save an average of $4 to $1 versus other big name competitors. They are committed to the highest standard telecommunications and packaging services.


The Keefe Group Features


Packaging Services


Would you like the benefits of being able to show your love ones how much you care in a correctional facility by sending them a care package? A care package from the Keefe Group comes with the industry’s top household food items, clothing, electronics, personal hygiene products, and more. Inmates can get many items securely from their commissary list whole their love ones can order features from the Keefe Group website.


Tablet Access


Tablet access gives their customers the option of listening to music, visitation, download mp3’s and more. They can get the tablet from their commissary list, but there are monthly charges associated with this feature. They are able to use their tablet through facility internet access. You can give your friends an opportunity to have access to the same technology that is being used outside of a correctional facility.


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Telmate Reviews by Families and Friends

Telmate is a Company that was first started to offer communication systems, security, and controls. So far, they are among the leading providers when it comes to offering their services to inmates. Most families and friends appreciate the fact that they are actually able to keep communicating with their loved ones as they work through their time in the correctional facilities. As much as the services offered by Telmate are reliable and efficient in terms of security and control, they are very expensive.

Most of the people who have given their reviews state that the services by Telmate have their costs in multiples of other telephone companies they use on a normal basis. Accepting calls from inmates end up been a hefty bill for them as much as it is supposed to serve as a convenience. Others argue that as much as it is expensive, sensitive matters that need immediate attention can be addressed with urgency instead of waiting to get mail that can take up to four days to get to them. It has also been noted that when inmates are in contact with their loved ones, they are given motivation towards working towards been free as they know their loved ones are waiting for them. Furthermore, some people who are in the correctional facilities have wrongly been convicted and constant re-assurance of hope from their loved ones keeps them going.

Telmate has made it possible for people to add money to their phones so that when an inmate calls, the money can be automatically deducted from there. You are not charged to deposit the money to your phone when you do it in person or online. They also have very strict protocols put in place to control for any kind of insecurity. Calls are closely monitored and security actions are taken if a threat is detected. Some say these security checks are not reasonable while others think they are necessary to protect from further crimes. Using this service like any other service has its ups and downs according to the reviews given by people. It is entirely up to an individual to decide whether the services provide by Telmate are worth using or not.


Global Tel-Link Features in Serial’s New Episodes

Global Tel-Link is a telecommunication company that offers phone services for normal citizens and inmates within the prisons. Recently, a series called Serial launched some of its episodes. The storyline in these episodes basically covers true crime, matters concerning the truth and even the how to manipulate human memory during court cases. Most of all, Global Tel-Link’s telephone service subscriber, Adnan Syed who is a prisoner at Maryland introduces the episodes with a very crucial announcement. The episodes then proceed to tell the story of murder charges faced by a student in one of the high schools in Maryland. This event dates back to 1999.


However, Global Tel-Link is at the core of these episodes being that it is a reliable telephone service provider for various communities. What’s more is that the audio stories were as a result of telephone conversations that occurred between Adnan Syed who is guilty of the murder charges and the host of the interview, Sarah Koenig. This man has used Global Tel-Link for most of his adult life to maintain his relationships with people who are in the outside world. Call rates are somehow expensive and the confession was revealed by Bloomberg Businessweek that being on a call for about 40 hours would result in one spending $2,500 or even more.


Just like any other phone service company differ in their call rates, Global Tel-Link is not exempted. Telephone service subscribers should understand that operating such a company need close contacts with the prisons in terms of revenue that they earn from their sales being that the company operates the business as a government contract. Because of call rates, Global Tel-Link has received a series of complaints from their users in terms of reviews. However, the company has employed intelligent software to trace the reviewers for them to access the truth in these complaints. Thereafter is when Global Tel-Link begins to provide answers and solutions to their clients.


History and development of Keefe Group

Many are the times we get to our homes after a long day of work or even from something as fun as a road trip just to get an unexpected visitor was around. A thug was at home and stole all the essential things in the house. The math of starting all over sounds so tiresome and depressive. An issue like that tends to turn our heart from the inmates who have been arrested over a different thing. But this is not how it is supposed to be. Inmates are just people like us just that some lack don’t have the morals as any other person might have. Due to issues like, that an initiative to bring about better services that can make inmates have a home away from home in their cells was brought up by Kefee group.

About Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is an institution based in the U. S with their headquarters in St.Missouri and came into existence in 1975. It is the largest supplier of the variety of products from electronics, food, clothes and much more. When Keefe group came into existence the primary purpose of the company was to see to it that it offers products and services to a prison in Florida. It focused on activities like parking of instant coffee and growth started there. So far the company has grown to the point that it has six other firms each with specific duties to meet every day. The six companies are in cateries like;

 Advanced Technologies Group

 Keefe Commissary work

 Access secure park

 Access corrections

 ICSolutions

 Keefe Supply Company.

Today Keefe offers its products to the regions service caters which are ten in number not leaving out the people of U.S. The products sold are carefully sealed, labeled in a private manner and well branded. The idea came to be after the firm joined hands with other brands to give better services and get a market.

Products and Services offered by the company

Through the group of business that Keefe group came up with, it has promised to see to it that all the needs of the people have been met. That starts to something like; a flow of communication this is the technology part, inmates deposit, entertainment which is what most people appreciate, giving software systems and data connections. A unique thing about this company is that it has never left behind what it began with which is the needs of the inmates.

IC Solutions: Just Go Away

IC Solutions is the kind of company that just needs to go away and they need to go away for good. The amount of damage they have done to the lives of so many people is simply unforgivable. This is coming from someone that has never used IC Solutions and does not need to use it. I’m just a human being with a big heart and I care a lot about people. It might be an unpopular opinion, but I care about inmates. They are human beings too and they deserve to be treated with respect depending on the crime they have committed.

IC Solutions is supposed to allow them to connect over the phone to anyone that wants to call them and talk to them while they are in prison. Now, imagine if you were all by yourself in a situation, I imagine you would want to talk to the people in your life that you love. Now, imagine there is a company that is charging the people you love and they are not allowing you the ability to speak to them. I imagine you would be pretty upset. As a matter of fact, I’m upset just writing about it. Too many people stand by on the sidelines during these situations and they need to stand up and do something about it.

After all, we need people that give a damn and have some blood pumping through their veins. Those are the people that are going to really do some serious damage to IC Solutions and get them behind bars, which is where they belong, if we are being truthful about it. This is a great start,, but there needs to be more of this and a lot more of it in order to get people’s attention and force them to do something against IC Solutions.


Keeping in Touch with Telmate Systems

For anyone who has ever struggled to keep in touch with loved ones in the prison system, telmate allows you to easily and quickly contact them for more information. You will find that telmate is one of the leading communication options available right now, and it is currently being used by thousands upon thousands of people who would relatively like to keep in touch with their loved ones without needing to always make a trip to the prison itself. Telmate is one of the best options out there, so it is worth looking into if this is something that you have been struggling with in the past.


There are so many different options that come into keeping in touch with your loved one in the prison system. Being in prison can be difficult when it comes to communicating with people on the outside. In the past, you had to rely solely on the phone system in the prison or actually visiting the location where your loved ones have been stationed. The problem with this is that not every prison is locally found near your home, and it could take hours for you to drive there just to be able to see your friend or relative. This is why it is important to consider telmate for yourself because it allows you to video chat with your loved ones and it seems like you are face-to-face with them.


More and more people are realizing how beneficial it is for them to utilize telmate as an option for themselves. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that there are tons of different people out there that will provide this as a service for you in general. If you feel that it is time for you to keep in touch with your loved ones in a better and easier manner, it is important that you look into utilizing telmate for yourself. Telmate is easy to use and can be downloaded right to your computer if this is something that you feel is going to benefit you and your loved ones who are in the prison system right now.


Just What Is Telmate & Why Is It So Important

Do you have a loved one who’s incarcerated? Do you know of someone who is incarcerated? There are well-over 2 million individuals who are incarcerated in North America. No matter the crime, these individuals are serving time for what they have done or for what they may have allegedly done. Communicating with a family member or friend who is locked-up is priceless, especially for the inmate. These short phone calls mean the world to these individuals as it gives them an escape from the correctional life monotony. There are only a few good-quality inmate communication providers in Canada and the U.S., but there is one that stands out amongst the crowd.


Telmate, an Oregon-based prison telecommunications company, is now the most dominate figure in this industry. This company has brought in plenty of innovation over the past decade, and this innovation does a great job of thwarting off crime. Whether it’s ebooks, phone calls, video chats, messages, monitoring or games, Telmate is at the top of the hill. The company has been around since 1998, and it has grown dramatically over the years. As of today, it is one of the leaders in correctional cutting-edge technologies. Of course, this didn’t happen by chance. This company has years and years of experience, and it has gone through plenty of trial and error. Its products and services are high-quality, and it helps in aiding law enforcement when it matters the most.


Facility control is very important because you can’t have the inmates running the asylum. This notion is 100 percent true and Telmate understands it best. This company’s services help to keep the correctional staff in full-control. The cloud-based Telmate Command is the weapon of choice, and it delivers visit monitoring, live calls, crime tips and 24/7 web-based availability. In conclusion, Telmate’s advanced technological solutions are creating safer working environments as well as safer inmate interactions.

Telmate Connecting Inmates to the Outside World

Telmate is a leading company that provides communication services to inmates where they can communicate to their friends and families. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Telmate works differently unlike other inmate communication providers because it provides high-end services at an affordable price. Moreover, Telmate has its customer service office in Ontario which operates 24 hours, and therefore inmates are guaranteed performance.


Communications through Telmate is done through a Telmate account where the family deposits money for the inmate’s use and communication fees. Moreover, the account is used for other services such as entertainment, photo sharing and entertainment which also help the inmates in having interesting conversations with their friends and family.


Founded in 1998 as Pinnacle Public Services name, Telmate has always focused on providing inmates with communication services. Pinnacle was well known for delivering incredible services throughout the Northwest. Other than giving inmate communications, Telmate caters to the evolving needs of the corrections sector. More than 300 correctional institutions in the US and different facilities such as holding cells, city jails, state DOCs, county correctional centers and federal detention. Also, Telmate has been recorded to be providing wireless tablets in more than 50 correctional services.


Telmate’s largest account has more than 18, 000 inmates and in North America, the company has been ranked a leading telecom provider through its phone, tablet, video and offender tracking solutions. In the company, ideas from employees are encouraged by the management, and also they take the risk to experiment any idea that will benefit their customers.


On a daily basis, the company records about 15,000 data requests per minute summing up to 22 million at the end of the business day. With all this data, employees need to be watchful all the time because some processes are going on. Telmate has taken miles ahead to train the society on how to avoid crimes through providing different programs such as Telmate Cares, Telmate Heroes, and Telmate Fallen Heroes among others by educating the community of the negative impacts of crimes. Telmate is positive about having a secure society where people live comfortably by working towards curbing crimes.


Keefe Group, the Missing Prisoner

Keefe, the Missing Prisoner

Do you ever wonder what happens when you go to prison? How they are fed, clothed, entertained, access to the outside world, or take care of their needs? I came across a company who supplies of these things. The Keefe Group, a subsidiary of the Centric Group LLC, accommodates the correctional industry by providing prisoners with everyday necessities. The group has incorporated six companies under their umbrella selling to state and local prisoners snack food, clothing, toiletries and electronics. Kiosks are another service they provide for money transactions along with technology for photo service, emails, and software for managing prisoners, downloading music, phones calls and more.


I thought the company was providing a necessary service, but after researching them I have found they were fleecing everyone. One of the problems with private prison suppliers and management is the no-bid contracts given to only the powerful of powers who are then given the chance to corrupt the whole system from all areas in the industry along with those who should be upholding the morals and standards of the law.


Keefe obtained the business in 2008 after the former supplier, G. T. Enterprises, managed by Cecil McCory, sold the business to Keefe, but still managed one of the state prisons. Under Keefe management they charged inmates above market prices for their services and products and pocketed the spoils. The services they provided is not what the prisons are paying, but what their love ones are dishing out. Most of the families are poor and can’t really afford such piracy. What I found appalling was the pocketing of sales taxes received from prisoners’ sales at a rate of 20% to 28%, taxes needed for the country. The company also got away with bribing associated vendors with huge percentage rates. I also feel prison and state officials who accepted bribes should be jailed in the same prisons they corrupt. Keefe received $40,434,989 from 2008 to 2014, but because of their political status, won’t be indicted.


You can learn more about the company and their crimes at any of the links below.

bribes-to- florida-prison-officials/1173073


Telmate: Delivering Communication Opportunities

Telmate, previously known as the Pinnacle Public Services, is one of the leading correctional facility communications providers in the United States. The company was established in 1998, and they underwent rebranding which changed the company’s name. Telmate is an expert in developing technological products which helps inmates reconnect with the loved ones that they left outside. Initially focusing on the north western region of the United States, Telmate has expanded to include the Canadian territories and provinces. Currently, Telmate is offering four products to be used inside the correctional facilities across the North American continent. These are Inmate Communications, Inmate Content, Facility Control, and Facility Operations.


Inmate Communications allow the inmates to call someone using the devices provided by Telmate. It can call outside the prison cell directly to a phone number, or to someone inside the correctional facility. These phone calls are strictly monitored by the authorities to prevent any mishap in securities, and each conversation through inmate communications is recorded. The product includes a single touch acceptance feature, and it is equipped with voice mail and third party mobile application support, like Viber and Skype. The main access point needed to use inmate communications is a cell phone.


Inmate Content provides entertainment to the inmates. Through the use of tablet computers, inmates can play games, and access a rich storage of music and videos. It makes them pre-occupied and entertained at the same time. Facility control is another product from Telmate, but it is created for the use of the authorities. It will allow them to access all of the devices that the inmates are using, and they can view what the contents inside are. The authorities are monitoring each device in order to ensure the safety of everyone inside the facility. Last but not the least is Facility Operations, another product from Telmate which allows inmates who owns a device from Telmate to share content with one another. These products are available to inmates once they opened an account with Telmate. Telmate is hoping that through the introduction of these products, life inside the correctional facilities will be better, and inmates would have a chance to reconnect with their families left outside.