IC Solutions: Don’t Look Away

When something is tough to look at or tough to swallow, it seems to be in people’s instincts to look away or pretend like it does not exist. If people are going to live with their heads in the clouds, they are going to miss out on real problems going on in the world. Real problems are happening with IC Solutions, an inmate prepaid phone provider. They are supposed to work as a gateway for inmates to talk to family, friends, and loved ones while in prison. IC Solutions gets the money upfront and all they need to do is allow the phone call to happen from the customer to the inmate.


A phone call for an inmate is really all they have to look forward to, as they are spending most of their time behind bars and they are lost with no direction. Their mind could wander into a dangerous place and they could find themselves thinking about harming themselves or others. It is why the phone call is there to give them a gateway of happiness and hope. Faith and hope are powerful, especially when someone is in prison. They need it to help them navigate the murky waters of prison.


Rip Off Report called them a necessary evil in this link, but I don’t know if they are necessary. I imagine if someone does enough research and puts up enough of a fight, they can find someone else that can help them have a phone call with the inmate. There has to be something better than IC Solutions. One thing is for sure: it can’t get any worse. They are the lowest of the low, and they are also on Pissed Consumer. Any website where customers are angry at a business, they are on it.


Keefe Group Driving Up Crime Rates For Profit

I think that we need to look out for each other in these politically explosive times. We are in an age where our most vulnerable populations can be exploited. And I believe that our country should be judged on how we treat our most vulnerable people. That is why I need to stand up against Keefe Group in order to defend our prisoners.


Our prisoners are being exploited by a powerful telecommunications company. And this can have negative effects across the board. Studies show that prisoners that are able to easily communicate with the outside world are much less likely to commit a crime when released from prison. Keefe Group and their incredibly high telephone call rates for prisoners are preventing this communication from happening. Theoretically, it is increasing crime rates in every community across the country.


Keefe Group weasels their way in between prisoners and their families by securing government contracts to provide telephone services to prisons across the country. These contracts are incredibly powerful because they make Keefe Group the only telephone company available to millions of prisoners across the country.


And I think we all know what happens when there is no free market capitalism. This telecommunications company’s customer base is literally locked up and forced to use their services. This allows the telecommunications company to raise prices exponentially. Some are saying that they spend hundreds of dollars per week talking to their family member inside of a prison in the town next door. That is exponentially higher than your average cell phone bill.


Just imagine all the negative consequences that trickle out of this horrible situation. I continue to think about the children. After all, we should not make children suffer for the terrible decisions of their parents. The ACLU estimates that nearly 3 million children have a parent behind bars. This can have all sorts of negative consequences for their upbringing.


We just need our prison telecommunications companies to treat prisoners like people. Rates should be lowered to a reasonable level so that families can communicate more often. It is the humane thing to do and it lowers crime rates across the board.


How to Begin Using the Telmate Service

There are lots of people currently using Telmate with wonderful success. If you have ever had a friend or loved one go to prison, you know firsthand how difficult it is for you to keep in touch with them all the time. If this has been an issue in your past, it is time to check out Telmate and see what it can do for you. The way that Telmate works is by enhancing the communication that you have through bars, which gives you a better opportunity for you to keep in touch with friends and relatives when it is most needed.


The benefit to using Telmate is its price and the fact that it is also able to be used all over the world. Even if you’re on a strict budget, you can and should check Telmate out to see if it is going to help you like it has for so many other people. One of the benefits to using the service is that it is a whole lot cheaper than simply making trips to the local prison to see what they can do for you. Instead, you’re using Telmate and are able to do video chatting with a friend or relative when you are right in the comfort of your very own home.


This is why so many people have chosen to make use of Telmate and why it is one of the most popular communication options out there right now. You will find Telmate to be a prime choice for yourself, allowing you to feel content knowing that you are doing something that is going to help long-term. This is why a lot of people have made the decision to begin using Telmate and know that it is something that is going to assist them in keeping in contact with the ones they love. There is nothing worse than having a problem with contacting those behind bars when you know there is a service like Telmate that is there to bridge the gap that you have had over the course of the many years your friend’s been in prison.


IC Solutions: What You Have Heard Is True

Whatever you have read or heard about IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider, is true. It is true and then some. They are known for not doing what is advertised. When someone visits their website, they see pictures of smiling faces and families. They talk about the word “connection” a lot, which seems to be one of their favorite words. In terms of actually connecting people, that does not happen, at all, with IC Solutions. Whatever the opposite of connecting people is, that is what IC Solutions does as a company. They make me and many others sick to their stomach by their actions.


Let’s put it this way: you don’t have to look very long or very hard to find negative reviews about this company online. They are overwhelming and they are all over the place. They have even made mainstream news for what they have done. They are the talk of the town, but not in the way they would like to be the talk of the town, I would imagine. They are the talk of the town for the way they conduct themselves and how they are ripping people off left and right, good people that just wish to speak to an inmate on the telephone. It is all they are asking for, and this is after they have paid upfront, as IC Solutions is prepaid.


You just have to hope that no one you know or love is in prison. If you try to reach them or connect with them, it will be a long and ugly road because of IC Solutions. They are in a category of companies that need to be avoided at all costs. I don’t know what else you can do, but anything is better than IC Solutions. They just make me feel gross even reading about them.


Can Telmate Sustain Its Dominance in Communications for Inmates?

Inmate communications are far more advanced than in past years. Thanks to having some of the most advanced technologies, the 2000s are simply outperforming its predecessors of the past. Communications are some of the most beneficial features in the prison system. Having the ability to listen to music, the ability to speak with friends, and the ability to video chat with family members is simply priceless. The great thing about these progressive functions is that they help to reduce the actual crime rate in the prison system. Inmates that receive these privileges can better put their lives into perspective. Like the old saying goes, ” you’ll never miss something until it’s gone.”


Telmate Communications is the new leader of the pack as it is the fastest growing inmate provider of inmate visitation, phone services, messaging, inmate tablets and mobile applications. This company has a long list of satisfied clients and customers that stretch across most of the United States as well as certain provinces in Canada. To basically state it, Telmate provides communications services to more than 300 prison facilities. Of course, none of this has happened by chance. This company has invested a lot of time as well as invested a lot of money. These advanced technological components drastically improves daily operational functions, and it increases prison staff safety. This progressive approach is one of the reasons to why Telmate is the best.


The innovative technology’s monitoring services are phenomenal as it has dramatically cut-down on negative inmate-to-inmate confrontations. Other safety components help to eliminate contraband while improving overall safety for each and every individual. What more can you ask for? All in all, Telmate Communications is raising the bar, it’s setting new trends, and it’s changing the status quo.


IC Solutions: Is There Any Hope In Sight?

Many people that are using IC Solutions have a lot of questions about the company. In fact, they probably have so many questions; they wouldn’t even know where to begin. One of them is, “Is there any hope in sight?” They are desperately looking to speak to an inmate they know and love behind bars. It means the world to them, and they want to be there for them during the hardest time in their life. They have not given up on them, even though they are in prison. It has made their love for them stronger, as they know they are hurting and in pain. It is the only logical explanation for why they are in prison.IC Solutions, as an inmate phone provider, could really be doing a wonderful thing for the customers.

They could be allowing them the ability to speak to the inmate. While they are in prison, they can use their time for something positive. They can use it to really look inward and really think about the choices they have made. There is a good chance their family had seen a lot of this coming, and they are not surprised. Now, however, they can get their head on straight and get them moving in a positive manner.In life, it is never too late for someone to have a do over. They can use their prison time for something positive instead of feeling sorry for themselves. The phone calls will lift them up and make them feel better about their lot in life. It is why what IC Solutions is doing, makes no sense to me. I don’t know why they are not looking to do right by people. The world is only going to be in a good place if others help out someone in need as opposed to kicking them while they are down.

The Keefe Group benefiting off of awarded contracts

Serving the prison system has become a billion dollar industry and several companies have attempted at being the top company but the company that has monopolized on the industry in the Keefe Group. The company began providing its services in 1985 but at the time was only working with one group but later grew to reach all over the country. The company continues to make one billion dollars annually every year.


As the continue to expand they have developed other businesses such as the Advanced Technology group, Keefe Commissary Network and Access Corrections. Because of the variety of services they provide, they have become the top company of their industry in the United States. The Keefe Group has several responsibilities with the prison system and they include most notably processing inmate deposits, selling prepaid debit cards and processing trust funds for those in prison. They are also responsible for the packaging and distribution of hygiene products, electronics and food.


The Keefe Group is part of a correlational group that was launched in 2008 and is awarded several contracts. Those contracts have begun to cause a stir as the public demands the state review the contracts. One such state is Mississippi, where the Corrections Commissioner faced an indictment involving contracts awarded to the Keefe Group. Because of that the Mississippi governor launched a taskforce to review these contracts and find a better way to award these contracts fairly. The Keefe Group had been receiving no-bid contracts. Florida has also become concerned with the contracts being awarded and have investigated corrections officials. For more than 50 years, the Keefe Group has been a private contractor operating in the prison system.


In Mississippi those contracts they received made them the sole provider of commissary items to the prisons thus becoming a massive monopoly. That allowed them to hike up the prices higher than what the items cost outside the prison. Despite the criticisms and concerns, the Keefe Group have been helping inmates feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable place, while also have a small piece of the real world with them in the form of good food and entertainment.


Global Tel Acquires New Company

Global Tel Link is a private firm that specializes in making sure that people who are serving jail terms in prisons in the United States live a good life. The company offers inmates communication, security, technology and many other services so that life in the prisons is better. The firm has been in the competitive inmate market for more than a decade, and it has managed to market itself as a leader by offering some of the most appreciated services.


Just recently, the private organization announced to the world that it had acquired a private firm known as Telmate. Telmate is also not a newbie in the communication department. The firm was brought into the market in the year 1998, and it has registered a lot of success, despite the challenges the people in the company had to face. Unlike most of the companies in the industry, the firm has maintained fair prices for the services it offers the inmates and their families.


Global Tel Link is quite excited about its new acquisition. According to the top management in the firm, having Telmate under its operations will make things better for the inmates. The company management urges its clients from all over the country to brace themselves for better and higher quality services by the end of the year. The leaders of the two private firms discussed the acquisition deal for a long time, and they made sure that all the stakeholders were satisfied. Both parties are very excited about the new move, and they are all looking forward to introducing numerous and positive changes in the highly competitive market. Global Tel has already established itself in the competitive area, and it is optimistic that the new move will be the best for the two companies. The leading team has however refused to disclose the financial part of the acquisition.


Global Tel-Link: What the Social Justice Warriors Like To Ignore

Nowadays, the media and millions of social justice activists are talking about identity politics like there is no tomorrow. White privilege, man-spreading, appropriation and other very shaky concepts are being pushed.


What is White privilege? White privilege is the idea that Whites automatically have an easier time in society. After all, society was built by them and for them. The counter argument to this idea is the fact that there are many examples of impoverished and underprivileged White people. There are also incidents where whites get discriminated against. What is man-spreading? Man-spreading is when a man sits down with his legs spread widely apart. Technically, women can—and do—man-spread, but for some reason ardent feminists do not pay mind to this. Appropriation is the idea that it is wrong for people from a dominant race or culture to “steal” meaningful aesthetic aspects from other cultures for seemingly “shallow” reasons. An example of this is when a White person dresses as a Native American for Halloween. The counterargument against the concept of appropriation is the idea that nobody technically “owns” any cultural aspect, and that taking in parts of different cultures is a natural process of how cultures evolve.


Are any of these concepts definitely right or wrong? No. Whether or not these concepts hold up is entirely up to one’s own opinion. People spend so much brain power worrying about these things while there are ginormous injustices going on that have definitive solutions. These big injustices are ignored by the masses of social justice warriors who just want to belly ache and trash stuff while making very vague, aimless demands. Global Tel-Link, for example, plays a role in providing a big injustice to inmates and their kin by charging enormous amounts for phone calls.


Looking at What Global Tel-Link has to do to Remain Relevant

Phone services enable us to stay in touch with our friends and families anytime. This applies to inmates who want to keep communicating with their families and friends even while behind bars. This is the area Global Tel Link has ventured into facilitating communication between inmates and family members by providing phone service. Inmates can make prepaid calls to preselected numbers using their service.

All that is required is to create an AdvancePay account by the recipients of the inmates’ call for processing payments. However, the company has come under attack over their charges. There are many complaints from their customers raising concerns about their encounters with the company’s prohibitive phone call prices. This has led to inmates getting detached with the outside world. All these have labeled them as scams, and if not well addressed they can lead to the downfall of the company.

Mostly when the customers raise concerns, they are told that they have infringed the rules and regulations of the company which they have not stated explicitly. They need to send a handbook with all their rules so that the customers’ service reps can be aware when they are breaking them. One instance was a customer whose account was blocked on the bases that he had gone over high call volume. The customer argues that the phone were down at the facility during the day they accused him of the offense. Even after they realize they were wrong, they did not bother to apologize. This is not the way to handle a customer. Their approach to treating customers is wanting.

The phone service is meant to reduce the burden of visiting the correction facilities or writing letters, but on the other hand, it seems to make it harder for the inmates and their loved ones to stay in touch. If something is not done about the company, they will inevitably fade out of business.