The Keefe Group And Other Prison Contractors Have Profited Fromm The War On Drugs

The “War on Drugs” has been a miserable failure. There are more drugs on the street today than ever before, and there are more people in jail for drug-related charges than ever before. The battle against drug use is a play on words by the government. Nothing good has come out of this wasteful use of money unless the money that state departments of corrections make from the over-population in the prison system is considered. All the commission money that independent contractors pay state department of corrections should go directly to offsetting some of the costs of housing prisoners. Contractors like the Keefe Group and others have no-bid contracts, and they pay commissions for goods and services they provide, but the not all the money reaches the state department of corrections. Some commissions pad the pockets of unethical prison officials in many of the prison systems across the country.

The Keefe Group is broken down into several companies: The Keefe Commissary Network, Access Corrections, Keefe Supply Company, Advanced Technologies Group and IC Solutions. All the Keefe Group companies provide goods, food, and entertainment items to prisons in several states. The Keefe Group is awarded a contract without bidding against companies that offer the same services. The state of Mississippi is trying to eliminate no-bid contracts. The Mississippi State Department of Corrections wants all of their prison contracts to go through the bidding process in order to stop the unethical behavior that has been going on for years. See the Keefe vendor profile on

The state of Mississippi is prosecuting high-level prison officials that have allegedly taken money because the practice of granting no-bid contracts was not regulated properly. Mississippi wants to hold all vendors accountable for where the money goes. Contractors like the Keefe group would have to file a disclosure form if money was paid to a consultant that helped secure a prison contract. For information about Keefe Group see;

Jail to Increase Inmate Visits thanks to Video Technology

The inmates incarcerated at Sangamon County jail are set to reap big in terms of the number of visits they get from their family members and friends being increased. This is due to the presence of video screens that will allow the inmates to communicate with their visitors who will be on the first floor of the building while the inmates will be inside their cell blocks. This is far from the conventional jail visits where the inmate is brought physically to see their visitors and they talk to each other via telephone handsets.

The Sheriff at Sangamon County jail, Wes Barr, stated in that the new system will be beneficial to both the inmates and the people in charge at the jail. Not only will they get more visits while in prison but they will also pay less on their telephone calls. IC Solutions will be the provider of these services. The inmates stand to benefit a lot from the new system as they will be able to get visited five times a week and the visit duration has been increased from 20 minutes to 25 minutes. Running the jail will also be much easier as there will be minimal movement of inmates within the jail precincts.

About IC Solutions

IC Solutions is a company that offers inmate telephone calling services in their correctional facilities. It is owned by the same corporate body that owns Keefe, the company that offers inmates commissary services. The company also offers inmate management solutions that enable the management of an inmate from the time he is booked into the system until he is released. The company offers several options of communicating to the inmates. The inmate can elect to create an account, purchase some phone services, voice messaging and also chatting in real time with their family or friends via video as described above. Learn more about them, visit and

GTL Overcharging Prison Calls To Inmates

This action is focused on GTL and the numerous complaints about the fraudulent and unfair billings in the California prisons and jails. GTL prison collect calls have been reported by to have an extra hidden fees associated with every call that is being made in the prison cells. Inmates in the jails and prison have to use the GTL payphone o communicate to their friend, family as well their lawyers for communication. They are at times collect calls and are billed at rates that are very far higher than the average speculated at higher prices than the long distance carriers like the AT&T.
If you have a loved one in the cells, and want to fall part of this class. We would also like you to participate in the class by calling us on 817-455-6822 and tell us your problems that you have experienced dealing with pa cell prisons as well as payphones in the jails and say your case against GTL.

GTL has been found to be doing some business with ICS in the prisons of California as well as with the Corrections Department. This is the sole reason why we will also be investigating the ICS department as well when conducting the investigations about GTL. We want to offer a helping hand against the GTL unfair price hikes to the inmates and their friends and family concerning calling rates that are unlawful and unjust as well. Read:

GTL is a Telecommunications company that provides inmates with calling capacities to the people outside prison across the entire United States and also California as well. GTL has a history of unlawful and vindictive billing to phone calls, and that is what we are investing and open a big case. Watch the YouTube video campaign on GTL for more information. Check out


Information on Keefe Group Services

The Keefe group contract with GT enterprise began in November 2008. They will renew the contracts after a short period. The last time they replaced the deal was 2025 August. Keefe earned more than 40 dollars million while G.T got $3 million gross revenue MDOC inmate services. Chris Epps, the commissioner, signed the contract. Keefe group has several responsibilities like handling inmate deposits, preparation of debit cards and inmate trust funds. Keefe group had the responsibility of selling music players to prisoners; they also sold the downloaded songs. The group had the responsibility of selling commissary food products, tobacco, hygiene products and other items. Keefe group paid a commission of 29.4% for the food products. See the Kefee profile on

GT enterprises

Cecil McCoy owned the enterprise before he sold it to Keefe group in 2008. The MDOC contract started on 1st June 2006. Later it was amended in 2007. The agreement gave the owner several duties as mentioned earlier. The correctional facility purchases the products. The new management of the company operated the prison in a right way. Previously the company received 20% to 24% sales to inmates. The sales amount increased to 28%in 2007. The operation of the business has improved.

About IC solutions

An IC solution has been the principal provider of innovative telecommunications products and excellent customer service. They are currently serving more than 180 000 inmates. The services are based in the prisons worldwide. The highly rated call processing programs offer unique capabilities. IC solution ensures the satisfaction of the customers is maximum. The manager partners every new installation of IC solution. IC solution is a sister company to Keefe Commissary Network regarding providing commissary services. According to among other enterprises like access corrections, Keefe Commissary, Access Secure Pak, advanced technologies is IC solutions comes the second with their services. The company works hand in hand with the Keefe group. For more info, visit PrisonCensorship .



Inmates Are Allotted Quality Phone Time With Global Tel-Link

Inmate communications is very important because it gives the correctional facility monitoring and surveillance over inmate calls and quality telephone communications to inmates. A phone call can determine an inmates needs being met or staying in touch with their legal counsel. However, traditional calls can be very expensive and provide low quality services. Global Tel-Link is committed to an excellency in customer service satisfaction. Each year Global Tel-Link is responsible for handling millions of calls for thousands of customers. Customers can rest assured they will get every minute that they’ve paid for. Advanced technology features gives you cheaper phone calls for inmate communications.

Inmate Prepaid Services

Inmates can now purchase prepaid phone services through commissary. For a small processing fee and a one time payment inmates can get set prepaid calling intervals that work with landline and cellphone devices. Calls are clear and come in the form of traditional packages that are affordable for an inmate budget. If an inmate is released before all of his phone time is used they can have $5.00 deducted for a processing fee and have the remaining balanced refunded back to them.

These services also work for their families. They receive one complimentary call at which time they are prompted to create an Advance Pay account that allows prepaid services. For a small time fee and a minimum of $25.00 you can get the calling services that you need. Global Tel-Link has teamed up with JPay to offer even more features at an affordable rate. Together they are committed to excellency in inmate communications. In a recent online article Securus has continued to praise Global Tel-Link for superior high quality inmate correctional facility communications. Thousands of inmates and families continue to rely on Global Tel-Link each year for quality inmate telephone services.

IC Solutions: Providing Inmate Communication

With the inmate population in America rapidly increasing each year, this means millions of families are separated for both short and extended periods of time from their loved ones. Due to issues of transportation, finances, and time, many families are not able to make regular prison visits and are therefore devoid of face-to-face meetings with their spouse, parent, relative, or friend who is incarcerated. You may wonder how these families are able to keep in touch without visitation, and this is where a company such as IC Solutions comes into play.

Keeping Families Connected

IC specializes in providing inmate telephone services at facilities across the nation, allowing incarcerated individuals to stay in touch with family, friends, and loved ones. The company had many different methods for communication, including long term phone plans, voice messaging, and even real time video chat. For families with incarcerated loved ones, a company such as IC Solutions is incredibly vital to keeping the lines of communication open.

How It Works

IC Solutions operates by partnering with facilities to provide phone services for inmates. This allows inmates many options for making calls from the facility. Inmates can connect with loved ones through collect calls which are billed to their family’s regular telephone bill, through prepaid accounts which allow for monthly deposits to cover all calls made, or debit accounts hooked up to the family’s checking account from which call charges will be taken.

Other serves provided include inmate voicemail, kiosks for inmates to make payments in a secure fashion, web-based deposit services, flexible calling options, 24-hour customer service, and real-time video chat for facilities that allow this option.

With millions of Americans currently incarcerated in institutions across the country, companies such as IC Solutions that provide inmate calling services serve as an important link in keeping families together.



The Benefits of IC Solutions

IC Solutions is one of the leading inmate communications company. IC Solutions provides products and services that are designed to help you stay in contact with your family members and loved ones. They provide many options to ensure that you’re getting the proper services you need to best communicate in an effective way. IC Solutions holds a partnership with Access Corrections which allows inmates and loved ones to stay in contact through emails and photos. They use an MP3 program and can also deposit funds into an account securely and safely. IC Solutions strives to continue the communication lines between parties and their goal is to continue to help everyone stay in contact with convenience.

Some of the more specific products according to SJR that are offer are Debit Telephone Accounts, Prepaid Accounts, Collect Calling, Voicemail Messaging, Video Visitation, Secure Mail & Secure Photo and Secure Deposits. It’s free and easy to set up a debit telephone account and provides a more convenient way for you to keep in contact with incarcerated individuals. It’s a prepaid phone services that allows phone calls to be made at any time and offers three different ways to purchase a debit telephone account. They can be purchased online, by phone or mail. Collect calling is a more traditional way of making contact with the understanding that once the call is accepted, it will be billed to your phone carrier bill. If you elect to have a prepaid account service, you will have the ability to leave voice mails at any time for inmates. The voicemail services allow you to leave a detailed message at any time of the day and not worry about missing a phone call. It’s a convenient way to communicate. Video visitation, secure mail and phone along with secure deposits are also a great way to take advantage of the solutions made possible through IC Solutions. They understand how important it is to stay in contact with your loved ones, and continue to provide exceptional services for the community.

For more info visit,,,




I Use Global Tel-Link To Call My Dad

I had to find something that was going to help me make calls to my dad in jail, and I was not sure what to use since I cannot call the jail on my own. I found Global Tel-Link when I was doing my search, and I was very happy to see something that was so focused on helping people with the same problems that I had. I have been telling people all about it since I found it from the Consumerist, and then I have been able to make many calls to my dad in jail so that I can check on him.

I think the thing people do not realize is that they have to use a service, and they might not even know the right ones to use. The first thing that most people need to remember is that they are going to get a lot better reception if they just choose to use Global Tel-Link. It connects you to the jail where you are calling someone, and it uses a system of cables that is even stronger than what you would be using at home. It is like a business line that they connect you to, and you can sign up for an account today.

I always feel really good about how I make my calls to the jail where my dad is because they are handled by professionals. They give me instant results , and they give me a call that would never drop no matter what I did. It is a good feeling to have these calls go through when I need, and all of us have used the same system to help call my dad. He needs support until he gets out, and I am sure of that.

For more info, visit the links below:

FCC Putting A Stop To Gouging Inmates For Phone calls

You have a loved one in prison, which is bad enough, but then you discover that you are also being held as a hostage because of the exorbitant costs of staying in touch with them. In today’s world, everybody is used to have a cell phone and the competition for cell service is intense. That is why just about any cell carrier will offer you an unlimited amount of call time for as little as $30 to $40 dollars a month. However, if you are trying to call a loved on who is incarcerated, be prepared to get gouged.

Over two million people in the United States are jailed in either federal, state, and county correction facilities. More than 12 million people flow through this system each year and what this presents to the private companies that control the telecom services for the jails and prison in the United States is a captive money making opportunity. But they aren’t the only ones cashing in on this because it’s a money maker for the correction facilities too. This all happened because the phone service used in the prisons and jails was privatized. This privatization led to revenue sharing agreements between the private phone companies and the state and local governments that control those correction facilities that they operate in. Ultimately the revenue sharing also provided very little incentive for the state and local governments to discourage gouging the prison’s inmates and by proxy the inmate’s families for the “privilege” of speaking on the phone to each other.

Because of this, the Federal Communication Commission has taken some bold action and ordered rate caps be applied on all companies that provide calling services for inmates. These caps are to become effective March 17th for state and federal institutions and June 20th for local jails. In addition, The FCC has also placed caps on local as well as in-state long distance inmate calls as well as cut the caps by up to 50% for interstate long distance inmate calls.
To see the full article go to in the search box put Tell Mel: Inmate calls too expensive

Stay Connected To Your Love Ones That Are Incarcerated With Global Tel-Link

Global Tel-Link is a leading communication provider for inmates and correctional facilities. Consumerist has reported that 26 out of 27 invalidated claims against them has been dropped. A communication inquiry against them had released misleading information that was found to be inaccurate. As communication professionals they continue to bring quality service to their customers at affordable rates. They are actively working with correctional facilities and inmates to ensure they’re effectively communicating with the outside. Global Tel-Link understands the importance of being able to connect with legal contacts and communicate with your family and friends.

Available Global Tel-Link Services

Advance Pay

Advance Pay allows you to talk with your love ones based on the amount of credit that you have with their program. You can get a free inmate call and after the call is terminated you can decide if you want to go with Advance Pay. It comes with a one time activation fee and can be refunded with a $5.00 surcharge. You can load credits onto your Advance Pay account at any time. This allows the inmate to talk to their love ones anytime they want and even numbers that can’t receive collect calls can now talk to inmates.

Inmate Prepaid Services

Inmates can now buy prepaid telephone time during commissary. They can have an allotted amount of time on a card that gives them access to telephone calls whenever the phone is available. They purchase a prepaid telephone card from the commissary just like they would other items. They can work and buy their own phone time allowing them a wide variety of communication methods.

Inmate Video Chat

Global Tel-Link now allows inmates visual communications through their video chat. The fees are slightly higher, but they can speak to their family members, legal contacts, probationers, and more face to face. This feature is currently not available with Advance Pay. All video is in clear HD quality with clear audio features.

Global Tel-Link continues to be the industry leader in correctional communications. Your love one are a phone call away with their interactive services and technology. They have added more free features and communication related services that will provide you with the verbal communication that is important when someone is incarcerated. Visit their official website for more details on how to connect with the Advanced Pay.