Looking at What Global Tel-Link has to do to Remain Relevant

Phone services enable us to stay in touch with our friends and families anytime. This applies to inmates who want to keep communicating with their families and friends even while behind bars. This is the area Global Tel Link has ventured into facilitating communication between inmates and family members by providing phone service. Inmates can make prepaid calls to preselected numbers using their service.

All that is required is to create an AdvancePay account by the recipients of the inmates’ call for processing payments. However, the company has come under attack over their charges. There are many complaints from their customers raising concerns about their encounters with the company’s prohibitive phone call prices. This has led to inmates getting detached with the outside world. All these have labeled them as scams, and if not well addressed they can lead to the downfall of the company.

Mostly when the customers raise concerns, they are told that they have infringed the rules and regulations of the company which they have not stated explicitly. They need to send a handbook with all their rules so that the customers’ service reps can be aware when they are breaking them. One instance was a customer whose account was blocked on the bases that he had gone over high call volume. The customer argues that the phone were down at the facility during the day they accused him of the offense. Even after they realize they were wrong, they did not bother to apologize. This is not the way to handle a customer. Their approach to treating customers is wanting.

The phone service is meant to reduce the burden of visiting the correction facilities or writing letters, but on the other hand, it seems to make it harder for the inmates and their loved ones to stay in touch. If something is not done about the company, they will inevitably fade out of business.