Keefe Group, the Missing Prisoner

Keefe, the Missing Prisoner

Do you ever wonder what happens when you go to prison? How they are fed, clothed, entertained, access to the outside world, or take care of their needs? I came across a company who supplies of these things. The Keefe Group, a subsidiary of the Centric Group LLC, accommodates the correctional industry by providing prisoners with everyday necessities. The group has incorporated six companies under their umbrella selling to state and local prisoners snack food, clothing, toiletries and electronics. Kiosks are another service they provide for money transactions along with technology for photo service, emails, and software for managing prisoners, downloading music, phones calls and more.


I thought the company was providing a necessary service, but after researching them I have found they were fleecing everyone. One of the problems with private prison suppliers and management is the no-bid contracts given to only the powerful of powers who are then given the chance to corrupt the whole system from all areas in the industry along with those who should be upholding the morals and standards of the law.


Keefe obtained the business in 2008 after the former supplier, G. T. Enterprises, managed by Cecil McCory, sold the business to Keefe, but still managed one of the state prisons. Under Keefe management they charged inmates above market prices for their services and products and pocketed the spoils. The services they provided is not what the prisons are paying, but what their love ones are dishing out. Most of the families are poor and can’t really afford such piracy. What I found appalling was the pocketing of sales taxes received from prisoners’ sales at a rate of 20% to 28%, taxes needed for the country. The company also got away with bribing associated vendors with huge percentage rates. I also feel prison and state officials who accepted bribes should be jailed in the same prisons they corrupt. Keefe received $40,434,989 from 2008 to 2014, but because of their political status, won’t be indicted.


You can learn more about the company and their crimes at any of the links below.

bribes-to- florida-prison-officials/1173073