Keefe Group Provides Innovative Services and Solutions to the Correctional Industry

Innovative technologies that allow incarcerated individuals to connect to the rest of the society are both an asset and a threat to correctional facilities. Corrections staff argue that no development operation or research anywhere in the globe can outdo the capacity of an inmate population. The abundance of creativity among inmates keeps correctional companies busy looking for countermeasures and coming up with new technology to keep prisons secure as well as inmates and staff safe. Of these technologies, telecommunication is the current focus of ingenuity on the outside world and in prisons.
Among the pioneers in the evolution of products, technology services and packaging in the correctional market is Keefe Group. Keefe Group exclusively services the correctional industry by providing safe products and technology services to both inmates and staff. Keefe Supply Group ventured into the correctional market in 1975 by supplying single-serve coffee packets to a Florida correctional facility. Later Keefe Group saw the need for improvement in prison product offering and started packaging drink mixes and coffee in sealed paper pouches. Since then, packaging products in pouch packages has significantly reduced the security risk associated with glass and metal containers.

Keefe Group is committed to developing groundbreaking services and technologies to make correctional facilities more safe and efficient. The technology provided focuses on streamlining the way prisons and jails manage and process financial transactions, entertainment and flow of information for its clients. Through the company’s technology, Keefe Group provides a broad spectrum of services and solutions to correctional facilities such as Pharmacy Supplies & Equipment, Commissary Systems & Supplies, Financial Services, Commissary Management, Jail Management Systems and Inmate Management Systems/Software among others. View the Keefe Group vendor profile on

Keefe Group delivers its services and solutions through its affiliates. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has several facilities across the country including ten regional service centers and seven major distribution centers. Keefe Group also packages several name brand and private label products through its manufacturing facility.

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