Keefe Group: From Coffee Specialist to Pioneer Correctional Services Provider

Keefe Group was founded in 1963 as a coffee bar. It made and sold coffee until 1974, when it was bought by Taylor Holdings. It is owned by Taylor Enterprise Holdings. Soon after the purchase, Florida Prison started buying the coffee sold by the group and this was the start of the group’s correctional services. After serving prison officials for a while, it saw an opportunity and ventured into the correctional sector. It started packaging drinks and foods for inmates. The idea paid off and soon their services were in demand. Since cans and bottles are not accepted in prisons as they can be used as weapons, Keefe Group modified the packaging to fit prison settings. It started using pouches to serve inmates. It later expanded its product range to include personal beauty products, jewelry, telecommunication, snacks, video games and personal beauty products as well as clothes. The company currently boasts of numerous subsidiaries, which have played a key role in its ability to break into new markets such as prison and inmate management software and associated hardware. These subsidiaries have increased service efficiency while improving the company’s brand image. Over the years, the company has added its voice to the recidivism debate by supporting organizations committed to reducing recidivism rates.


Leadership, Product and Service Lines


Keefe Group is based in St. Louis, Missouri and is credited for turning prisons into successful business opportunities. The current chairperson of the company is Andrew Taylor, who previously served as the treasurer and vice president. Keefe Group is committed to giving value and quality service. It wants to keep inmates connected to the outside world. The group supplies food, personal care products, and phone services to inmates. The company has been in operation for over 40 years. It also takes care of cash deposits to prisoners account. Moreover, it helps families send approved packages. Keefe Group also ensures that packages are inspected to meet regulations to avoid problems with warders.The group provides telecommunication services to inmates to keep them connected to the outside world. The mission of the company is to provide services that make inmates feel connected to the world. It also brings families and friends closer to incarcerated individuals.