Keefe Group Driving Up Crime Rates For Profit

I think that we need to look out for each other in these politically explosive times. We are in an age where our most vulnerable populations can be exploited. And I believe that our country should be judged on how we treat our most vulnerable people. That is why I need to stand up against Keefe Group in order to defend our prisoners.


Our prisoners are being exploited by a powerful telecommunications company. And this can have negative effects across the board. Studies show that prisoners that are able to easily communicate with the outside world are much less likely to commit a crime when released from prison. Keefe Group and their incredibly high telephone call rates for prisoners are preventing this communication from happening. Theoretically, it is increasing crime rates in every community across the country.


Keefe Group weasels their way in between prisoners and their families by securing government contracts to provide telephone services to prisons across the country. These contracts are incredibly powerful because they make Keefe Group the only telephone company available to millions of prisoners across the country.


And I think we all know what happens when there is no free market capitalism. This telecommunications company’s customer base is literally locked up and forced to use their services. This allows the telecommunications company to raise prices exponentially. Some are saying that they spend hundreds of dollars per week talking to their family member inside of a prison in the town next door. That is exponentially higher than your average cell phone bill.


Just imagine all the negative consequences that trickle out of this horrible situation. I continue to think about the children. After all, we should not make children suffer for the terrible decisions of their parents. The ACLU estimates that nearly 3 million children have a parent behind bars. This can have all sorts of negative consequences for their upbringing.


We just need our prison telecommunications companies to treat prisoners like people. Rates should be lowered to a reasonable level so that families can communicate more often. It is the humane thing to do and it lowers crime rates across the board.