Just What Is Telmate & Why Is It So Important

Do you have a loved one who’s incarcerated? Do you know of someone who is incarcerated? There are well-over 2 million individuals who are incarcerated in North America. No matter the crime, these individuals are serving time for what they have done or for what they may have allegedly done. Communicating with a family member or friend who is locked-up is priceless, especially for the inmate. These short phone calls mean the world to these individuals as it gives them an escape from the correctional life monotony. There are only a few good-quality inmate communication providers in Canada and the U.S., but there is one that stands out amongst the crowd.


Telmate, an Oregon-based prison telecommunications company, is now the most dominate figure in this industry. This company has brought in plenty of innovation over the past decade, and this innovation does a great job of thwarting off crime. Whether it’s ebooks, phone calls, video chats, messages, monitoring or games, Telmate is at the top of the hill. The company has been around since 1998, and it has grown dramatically over the years. As of today, it is one of the leaders in correctional cutting-edge technologies. Of course, this didn’t happen by chance. This company has years and years of experience, and it has gone through plenty of trial and error. Its products and services are high-quality, and it helps in aiding law enforcement when it matters the most.


Facility control is very important because you can’t have the inmates running the asylum. This notion is 100 percent true and Telmate understands it best. This company’s services help to keep the correctional staff in full-control. The cloud-based Telmate Command is the weapon of choice, and it delivers visit monitoring, live calls, crime tips and 24/7 web-based availability. In conclusion, Telmate’s advanced technological solutions are creating safer working environments as well as safer inmate interactions.