Jail to Increase Inmate Visits thanks to Video Technology

The inmates incarcerated at Sangamon County jail are set to reap big in terms of the number of visits they get from their family members and friends being increased. This is due to the presence of video screens that will allow the inmates to communicate with their visitors who will be on the first floor of the building while the inmates will be inside their cell blocks. This is far from the conventional jail visits where the inmate is brought physically to see their visitors and they talk to each other via telephone handsets.

The Sheriff at Sangamon County jail, Wes Barr, stated in Al.com that the new system will be beneficial to both the inmates and the people in charge at the jail. Not only will they get more visits while in prison but they will also pay less on their telephone calls. IC Solutions will be the provider of these services. The inmates stand to benefit a lot from the new system as they will be able to get visited five times a week and the visit duration has been increased from 20 minutes to 25 minutes. Running the jail will also be much easier as there will be minimal movement of inmates within the jail precincts.

About IC Solutions

IC Solutions is a company that offers inmate telephone calling services in their correctional facilities. It is owned by the same corporate body that owns Keefe, the company that offers inmates commissary services. The company also offers inmate management solutions that enable the management of an inmate from the time he is booked into the system until he is released. The company offers several options of communicating to the inmates. The inmate can elect to create an account, purchase some phone services, voice messaging and also chatting in real time with their family or friends via video as described above. Learn more about them, visit Sjr.com and http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/state/arizona.html.