Information on Keefe Group Services

The Keefe group contract with GT enterprise began in November 2008. They will renew the contracts after a short period. The last time they replaced the deal was 2025 August. Keefe earned more than 40 dollars million while G.T got $3 million gross revenue MDOC inmate services. Chris Epps, the commissioner, signed the contract. Keefe group has several responsibilities like handling inmate deposits, preparation of debit cards and inmate trust funds. Keefe group had the responsibility of selling music players to prisoners; they also sold the downloaded songs. The group had the responsibility of selling commissary food products, tobacco, hygiene products and other items. Keefe group paid a commission of 29.4% for the food products. See the Kefee profile on

GT enterprises

Cecil McCoy owned the enterprise before he sold it to Keefe group in 2008. The MDOC contract started on 1st June 2006. Later it was amended in 2007. The agreement gave the owner several duties as mentioned earlier. The correctional facility purchases the products. The new management of the company operated the prison in a right way. Previously the company received 20% to 24% sales to inmates. The sales amount increased to 28%in 2007. The operation of the business has improved.

About IC solutions

An IC solution has been the principal provider of innovative telecommunications products and excellent customer service. They are currently serving more than 180 000 inmates. The services are based in the prisons worldwide. The highly rated call processing programs offer unique capabilities. IC solution ensures the satisfaction of the customers is maximum. The manager partners every new installation of IC solution. IC solution is a sister company to Keefe Commissary Network regarding providing commissary services. According to among other enterprises like access corrections, Keefe Commissary, Access Secure Pak, advanced technologies is IC solutions comes the second with their services. The company works hand in hand with the Keefe group. For more info, visit PrisonCensorship .