IC Solutions: What You Have Heard Is True

Whatever you have read or heard about IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider, is true. It is true and then some. They are known for not doing what is advertised. When someone visits their website, they see pictures of smiling faces and families. They talk about the word “connection” a lot, which seems to be one of their favorite words. In terms of actually connecting people, that does not happen, at all, with IC Solutions. Whatever the opposite of connecting people is, that is what IC Solutions does as a company. They make me and many others sick to their stomach by their actions.


Let’s put it this way: you don’t have to look very long or very hard to find negative reviews about this company online. They are overwhelming and they are all over the place. They have even made mainstream news for what they have done. They are the talk of the town, but not in the way they would like to be the talk of the town, I would imagine. They are the talk of the town for the way they conduct themselves and how they are ripping people off left and right, good people that just wish to speak to an inmate on the telephone. It is all they are asking for, and this is after they have paid upfront, as IC Solutions is prepaid.


You just have to hope that no one you know or love is in prison. If you try to reach them or connect with them, it will be a long and ugly road because of IC Solutions. They are in a category of companies that need to be avoided at all costs. I don’t know what else you can do, but anything is better than IC Solutions. They just make me feel gross even reading about them.