IC Solutions: This Is Hopeless

If you were ever looking for a situation that was completely and totally hopeless, you don’t need to look that far. You can find that situation in IC Solutions. After all, in this situation, it is rather cut and dry. It is a situation between a parent and a child that is behind bars. I can only imagine the pain the parent is feeling, as I’m not a parent myself. You just have to picture someone you love more than anything in the world, and you want to talk to him or her desperately. You feel like you have failed them, even though that is not the case. In some circumstances, people just fall down the wrong road and they end up hanging out with wrong group of kids.


I would also venture to guess it is impossible to keep track of your kids 24/7. It is not that easy. You can give them all of the advice, wisdom, and knowledge you have, but once they are out in the real world, there is no telling what might happen or what road they might go down as young adults. You hope they will take that wisdom to heart and be good people.


On the off chance, they are followers and they just do what everyone else is saying and they do something stupid just because someone else did it, they might end up in prison, which is every parent’s worst nightmare. That is why the parents need IC Solutions to let them talk to their child and be there for them. Of course, the parents are disappointed and upset, but they still love them, no matter what. They want to help them and be there for them in whatever way they can be, though thick and thin. It’s tough to do with IC Solutions collecting money and not transferring the calls.