IC Solutions: This Company Will Never Get It

There comes a point in time where either someone figures it out or they don’t in their life. IC Solutions has hit the expiration date on that, and it is clear they are not any closer to figuring things out. They need to want to figure things out, and it is obvious they don’t want to figure things out. It’s hard to help the ignorant and the arrogant. That is the exactly the category that IC Solutions falls under, and they are the kings of being ignorant and arrogant. They pride themselves on it, even though they don’t want come out and say it. They have to keep up appearances. It is clear they have kept up appearances.


On their website, they discuss bringing customers closer together with inmates through their phone service. They even have stock photos to drive that point home. If I have learned anything in life it is this: when a company is trying this hard to make things appear normal, things are not normal. It either happens organically or it does not happen at all. It is not happening at all with IC Solutions, and the proof is in the links that are out there like this one: http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/the_high_cost_of_a_phone_call.html.


There are plenty of other links to comb through when looking up IC Solutions, but this one is mainstream. Because it is mainstream, it really hits home the point of what is going wrong with IC Solutions and how they have fallen off the rails. Although, in their mind, the checks are clearing and they are making money. They don’t see anything wrong with what’s happening with them or how they are ruining the lives of customers. It doesn’t hit any notes with them and it doesn’t register on their radar. It shows how blind they are to their shortcomings.