IC Solutions: There Has To Be A Better Way

For those people out there that are looking for a better way to get ahead in terms of communicating with an inmate, they will realize rather quickly they need to look elsewhere when it comes to IC Solutions. They will not provide the solutions they are looking for, and they will only cause more stress and more heartache for everyone involved. They are not a good company, and they do not have a good reputation on the Internet. As a matter of fact, they have one of the worst reputations on the Internet, which is one they have earned.


It starts with the fact that they don’t have any respect for their customers. You have to remember, these are the customers that are keeping the company in business. One of the biggest rules to running any company is keeping the customer happy. Now, it is impossible to make everyone happy and put a smile on everyone’s face, but it seems like IC Solutions is not even trying and they are not even remotely interested in fixing the many issues that plague the company. One of the biggest issues the company faces is the fact the customers can’t get through to the inmate, even after they have paid for the phone call.


It just doesn’t make any sense to me on any level. I don’t understand what is so difficult about it when IC Solutions is prepaid. All they need to do is patch the phone call through for the customer. It is as simple as that. Instead, they like to play mind games and mess with the customers. I don’t understand how it is fair on any level in today’s world, and it frustrates me to know the poor customers are dealing with this kind of stress and this kind of heartache because of IC Solutions.