IC Solutions: The Invisible Fight

It’s truly amazing to me how many people are unaware of what is going on with IC Solutions and the way they are treating inmates and their families. That is why I titled this the Invisible Fight. People are not aware of what is happening and they don’t even know something like this exists. Until it was brought to my attention, I must plead ignorance as well. I didn’t know an inmate phone service was doing this to people. Now that I know about it, I’m glad that I do. I feel like it is my duty to let people know what is going on with IC Solutions.


The more people that know about this, the more likely there is for change. So often, with people, I hear them say to themselves or to me, “What can I do? I just have to deal with it.” I’ve never come from that school of thought. The way I was raised is that when something is going wrong and something is not right, you stand up for people and you say something. You don’t turn a blind eye. You let people know what is really going on and why it needs to stop.


The reason I was unaware of this is because I don’t know any inmates and I’ve never been in prison. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care and I shouldn’t say something, though. I was given a voice for a reason, and I feel like it is important that I use it. Everyone has a voice, and they need to let it out there for causes like this. People are losing money, and inmates are suffering and possibly killing themselves behind bars. This could save a life if more people are made aware of it.