IC Solutions: Providing Inmate Communication

With the inmate population in America rapidly increasing each year, this means millions of families are separated for both short and extended periods of time from their loved ones. Due to issues of transportation, finances, and time, many families are not able to make regular prison visits and are therefore devoid of face-to-face meetings with their spouse, parent, relative, or friend who is incarcerated. You may wonder how these families are able to keep in touch without visitation, and this is where a company such as IC Solutions comes into play.

Keeping Families Connected

IC Solutions.com specializes in providing inmate telephone services at facilities across the nation, allowing incarcerated individuals to stay in touch with family, friends, and loved ones. The company had many different methods for communication, including long term phone plans, voice messaging, and even real time video chat. For families with incarcerated loved ones, a company such as IC Solutions is incredibly vital to keeping the lines of communication open.

How It Works

IC Solutions operates by partnering with facilities to provide phone services for inmates. This allows inmates many options for making calls from the facility. Inmates can connect with loved ones through collect calls which are billed to their family’s regular telephone bill, through prepaid accounts which allow for monthly deposits to cover all calls made, or debit accounts hooked up to the family’s checking account from which call charges will be taken.

Other serves provided include inmate voicemail, kiosks for inmates to make payments in a secure fashion, web-based deposit services, flexible calling options, 24-hour customer service, and real-time video chat for facilities that allow this option.

With millions of Americans currently incarcerated in institutions across the country, companies such as IC Solutions that provide inmate calling services serve as an important link in keeping families together.