IC Solutions: It’s Not Meant To Be

A lot of people want to believe in IC Solutions, but IC Solutions has not done anything to allow people to believe in them. They want to know there is an inmate phone service out there that allows them to talk to an inmate. Why would they not want to believe that? It is a good thing for two reasons: it helps the inmates and it also allows the customers to talk to the inmates and stay in touch with them. They really, truly miss them and want to be there for them. The rest of the world might have forgotten about them or thrown them to the side, but there are some people that still believe in them.


It is important to believe in people. If every single person out there that made a mistake never received a second chance, it would be a lonely world. Clearly, this mistake was a large one, as it landed them in prison. However, they still deserve a second chance unless what they did is totally and completely unforgivable. In those cases, it is impossible to give them a second chance and unreasonable to overlook what they have done. I would prefer not to talk about those crimes because they are so gruesome.


IC Solutions could allow the inmates to talk to anyone on the outside that has prepaid to speak to them. The key word to remember here is “could,” and from what I’ve read online, they have the ability to do so, but they are not doing it. It is almost like if they lose an inmate and they get out of jail, they lost a customer. It just goes to show they are more interested in making money than actually helping a real-life human being get out of jail and live their life.