IC Solutions: Don’t Look Away

When something is tough to look at or tough to swallow, it seems to be in people’s instincts to look away or pretend like it does not exist. If people are going to live with their heads in the clouds, they are going to miss out on real problems going on in the world. Real problems are happening with IC Solutions, an inmate prepaid phone provider. They are supposed to work as a gateway for inmates to talk to family, friends, and loved ones while in prison. IC Solutions gets the money upfront and all they need to do is allow the phone call to happen from the customer to the inmate.


A phone call for an inmate is really all they have to look forward to, as they are spending most of their time behind bars and they are lost with no direction. Their mind could wander into a dangerous place and they could find themselves thinking about harming themselves or others. It is why the phone call is there to give them a gateway of happiness and hope. Faith and hope are powerful, especially when someone is in prison. They need it to help them navigate the murky waters of prison.


Rip Off Report called them a necessary evil in this link, but I don’t know if they are necessary. I imagine if someone does enough research and puts up enough of a fight, they can find someone else that can help them have a phone call with the inmate. There has to be something better than IC Solutions. One thing is for sure: it can’t get any worse. They are the lowest of the low, and they are also on Pissed Consumer. Any website where customers are angry at a business, they are on it.