IC Solutions: Can You Trust Them? No Way

If someone is behind bars and they are looking to get a phone call through IC Solutions, there is a good chance they will be waiting a long time for that phone call to happen. As a matter of fact, it is highly probable the phone call will never happen in the first place. IC Solutions, the prepaid phone provider, has gotten people’s attention. However, it is not the kind of attention any company would like to have, but that is just fine with them. They don’t care how it looks to the outside world. They live in a bubble, and they refuse to speak to anyone out there about fixing the issues they are having with the company.


They are very, very silent, even though they have a customer service team. The customer service team has a very specific job, which is to confuse, frustrate, and annoy the living hell out of the customers. They have done a great job with that, as they even argue with the customers as well. It shows the kind of people they are and the kind of morals they have as a company. I can’t imagine their parents are too happy with they do for a living and I also imagine their families can’t be too proud of them. What is there to like, really?


They are ruining lives, and they are making money doing it. I would respect someone more that works at a fast-food job and makes an honest living as opposed to the fools over at IC Solutions. Everything about them is a lie, and there is nothing truthful or honest about them. They just keep on lying, cheating, and stealing because it all leads to money for them, which is their only goal at the end of the day.