IC Solutions: As Cold As A Chicago Winter

If you are looking for sympathy or empathy from a company, you are not going to find it with IC Solutions. They are out for themselves and only themselves. They don’t even stop for one single second to think about the customers or how they could be affected by how poorly they are run as a company. It is stark contrast to their website, which paints a rosy picture of a company that is all about connecting inmates with their loved ones. It is not happening with IC Solutions and if it is happening, it is not happening nearly enough. I almost feel like IC Solutions picks and chooses when they feel like doing their job. It is not nearly as consistent as it should be, at the end of the day.


It is why people are going on Pissed Consumer and why they are so upset, angry, and furious with them. It is why they are pissed, to use the name of the website. They don’t really know what to do at this point. They know they have been ripped off, and they know they want something to be done about it, but they don’t have a lot of faith in the system doing right by them. When people lose faith, it is always a dangerous thing, to say the least.


We are supposed to be helping our inmates within reason. Most inmates, you will find, are not terrible people. You might even work with a former inmate at your job or they could be at your church. They have simply made a mistake in their life and they are looking for a second chance. They are not looking for a handout and they are not looking to get something for free. They just want all things to be equal and fair.