GTL Overcharging Prison Calls To Inmates

This action is focused on GTL and the numerous complaints about the fraudulent and unfair billings in the California prisons and jails. GTL prison collect calls have been reported by to have an extra hidden fees associated with every call that is being made in the prison cells. Inmates in the jails and prison have to use the GTL payphone o communicate to their friend, family as well their lawyers for communication. They are at times collect calls and are billed at rates that are very far higher than the average speculated at higher prices than the long distance carriers like the AT&T.
If you have a loved one in the cells, and want to fall part of this class. We would also like you to participate in the class by calling us on 817-455-6822 and tell us your problems that you have experienced dealing with pa cell prisons as well as payphones in the jails and say your case against GTL.

GTL has been found to be doing some business with ICS in the prisons of California as well as with the Corrections Department. This is the sole reason why we will also be investigating the ICS department as well when conducting the investigations about GTL. We want to offer a helping hand against the GTL unfair price hikes to the inmates and their friends and family concerning calling rates that are unlawful and unjust as well. Read:

GTL is a Telecommunications company that provides inmates with calling capacities to the people outside prison across the entire United States and also California as well. GTL has a history of unlawful and vindictive billing to phone calls, and that is what we are investing and open a big case. Watch the YouTube video campaign on GTL for more information. Check out