Global Tel-Link: What the Social Justice Warriors Like To Ignore

Nowadays, the media and millions of social justice activists are talking about identity politics like there is no tomorrow. White privilege, man-spreading, appropriation and other very shaky concepts are being pushed.


What is White privilege? White privilege is the idea that Whites automatically have an easier time in society. After all, society was built by them and for them. The counter argument to this idea is the fact that there are many examples of impoverished and underprivileged White people. There are also incidents where whites get discriminated against. What is man-spreading? Man-spreading is when a man sits down with his legs spread widely apart. Technically, women can—and do—man-spread, but for some reason ardent feminists do not pay mind to this. Appropriation is the idea that it is wrong for people from a dominant race or culture to “steal” meaningful aesthetic aspects from other cultures for seemingly “shallow” reasons. An example of this is when a White person dresses as a Native American for Halloween. The counterargument against the concept of appropriation is the idea that nobody technically “owns” any cultural aspect, and that taking in parts of different cultures is a natural process of how cultures evolve.


Are any of these concepts definitely right or wrong? No. Whether or not these concepts hold up is entirely up to one’s own opinion. People spend so much brain power worrying about these things while there are ginormous injustices going on that have definitive solutions. These big injustices are ignored by the masses of social justice warriors who just want to belly ache and trash stuff while making very vague, aimless demands. Global Tel-Link, for example, plays a role in providing a big injustice to inmates and their kin by charging enormous amounts for phone calls.