Global Tel-Link Takes Advantage of People who Need to Talk to Loved Ones

Global Tel-Link is what some people call the AT&T of prisons. These guys have been dominating the industry for years, along with a handful of other companies. I mention AT&T because, like them, Global Tel-Link is in a world of trouble for trying to stiff the American people with their evil ways.

What do I mean by evil ways? Well, I do not know how much of this story has gotten out, but as far as I know, the company has forced unfair rates on people who just want to talk to their loved ones in jail. Think about that; these people might have done something bad, but that does not mean they do not have people who care about them and love them. According to PR News, these people are now being forced to pay a lot of money to communicate with them.

I would understand if the prisoners were forced to pay since they need to be punished, but why are their loved ones punished with high prices? Did they do something wrong? Apparently, Global Tel Link thinks it is okay to charge people up to 89 cents per minute. The ACLU and FCC called the company out and tried to establish a cap, but Global Tel-Link fought them tooth and nail.

It seems like GTL was able to defeat the FCC, which really makes you question how much power we are giving large companies. I know that some people out there trust multi-billionaires more than the government, but I tend to go the other way around. Why would rich people give two-cents about the people? I hope that something happens so that we can stop this inmate communication company from taking advantage of hard working Americans who are related to people who made mistakes.