Global Tel-Link Features in Serial’s New Episodes

Global Tel-Link is a telecommunication company that offers phone services for normal citizens and inmates within the prisons. Recently, a series called Serial launched some of its episodes. The storyline in these episodes basically covers true crime, matters concerning the truth and even the how to manipulate human memory during court cases. Most of all, Global Tel-Link’s telephone service subscriber, Adnan Syed who is a prisoner at Maryland introduces the episodes with a very crucial announcement. The episodes then proceed to tell the story of murder charges faced by a student in one of the high schools in Maryland. This event dates back to 1999.


However, Global Tel-Link is at the core of these episodes being that it is a reliable telephone service provider for various communities. What’s more is that the audio stories were as a result of telephone conversations that occurred between Adnan Syed who is guilty of the murder charges and the host of the interview, Sarah Koenig. This man has used Global Tel-Link for most of his adult life to maintain his relationships with people who are in the outside world. Call rates are somehow expensive and the confession was revealed by Bloomberg Businessweek that being on a call for about 40 hours would result in one spending $2,500 or even more.


Just like any other phone service company differ in their call rates, Global Tel-Link is not exempted. Telephone service subscribers should understand that operating such a company need close contacts with the prisons in terms of revenue that they earn from their sales being that the company operates the business as a government contract. Because of call rates, Global Tel-Link has received a series of complaints from their users in terms of reviews. However, the company has employed intelligent software to trace the reviewers for them to access the truth in these complaints. Thereafter is when Global Tel-Link begins to provide answers and solutions to their clients.