Global Tel-Link Causes Hardship for Inmates and Their Families

The extremely popular podcast Serial shed light onto the communication system within the prison system. If you have not listened to this program, it essentially involves telephone calls between a reporter and an inmate that detail a murder investigation. The program mentions Global Tel-Link as the company that is providing the phone call system. Read full article onĀ

If you are fortunate enough not to have a loved one as an inmate in the prison system, you are likely unaware of one of the daily challenges that inmates and their loved ones face. This is the ridiculously high rates for phone calls involving the prison system. Because GTL is one of the only companies in the US that provides these services, it is able to essentially charge families and inmates whatever it wants for them to make a phone call. If you talk to any of the inmates or their families, you will hear that they understand they must deal with the restrictive life of being incarcerated. The thing no one expects when they go to prison is that they will have to pay an arm and a leg to be able to call their families.

For a very practical reason, this practice is unsettling. Credible research studies have shown that inmates who are unable to regularly communicate with the support network are much more likely to return to their criminal ways after prison. Inmates who are released, going years in isolation without any contact with family makes them more vulnerable and a higher risk to society upon release. Despite this research, there is little hope for change in the ways that Global Tell-Link does business. Unfortunately, it will likely take government intervention in order to force this company to do the right Prisoners and their families hope this happens sooner rather than later. For more info, refer to’s review about Global-tel-link.

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