Global Tel Acquires New Company

Global Tel Link is a private firm that specializes in making sure that people who are serving jail terms in prisons in the United States live a good life. The company offers inmates communication, security, technology and many other services so that life in the prisons is better. The firm has been in the competitive inmate market for more than a decade, and it has managed to market itself as a leader by offering some of the most appreciated services.


Just recently, the private organization announced to the world that it had acquired a private firm known as Telmate. Telmate is also not a newbie in the communication department. The firm was brought into the market in the year 1998, and it has registered a lot of success, despite the challenges the people in the company had to face. Unlike most of the companies in the industry, the firm has maintained fair prices for the services it offers the inmates and their families.


Global Tel Link is quite excited about its new acquisition. According to the top management in the firm, having Telmate under its operations will make things better for the inmates. The company management urges its clients from all over the country to brace themselves for better and higher quality services by the end of the year. The leaders of the two private firms discussed the acquisition deal for a long time, and they made sure that all the stakeholders were satisfied. Both parties are very excited about the new move, and they are all looking forward to introducing numerous and positive changes in the highly competitive market. Global Tel has already established itself in the competitive area, and it is optimistic that the new move will be the best for the two companies. The leading team has however refused to disclose the financial part of the acquisition.