Get The Benefits Of A Keefe Group Telecommunications Network

Are you one of the thousands of customers who are tired of the rising inmate calling cost? Are you currently dealing with a network provider who doesn’t seem to have a competent customer service team? You’ll be glad to know the Keefe Group brings their patrons a stable network to give you more time to stay connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional institute. Their features enable you to save an average of $4 to $1 versus other big name competitors. They are committed to the highest standard telecommunications and packaging services.


The Keefe Group Features


Packaging Services


Would you like the benefits of being able to show your love ones how much you care in a correctional facility by sending them a care package? A care package from the Keefe Group comes with the industry’s top household food items, clothing, electronics, personal hygiene products, and more. Inmates can get many items securely from their commissary list whole their love ones can order features from the Keefe Group website.


Tablet Access


Tablet access gives their customers the option of listening to music, visitation, download mp3’s and more. They can get the tablet from their commissary list, but there are monthly charges associated with this feature. They are able to use their tablet through facility internet access. You can give your friends an opportunity to have access to the same technology that is being used outside of a correctional facility.


Join the prestigious Keefe Group network today.