Families Should Complain To The Prison If They Are Unhappy With IC Solutions

Prison telephone service providers (see, http://jailphoneservices.com/ic-solutions/), such as IC Solutions, provide a valuable service, especially since many inmates are incarcerated in facilities far from home. The only contact some inmates have with their loved ones is an occasional visit and weekly telephone calls. I never realized the importance of this contact until I read this mother’s story about giving money to IC Solutions and then never hearing from her son. Perhaps the son decided to call a girlfriend instead of his mother, nevertheless, IC Solutions should have a way for the mother to verify that her son is able to use the deposit to make telephone calls.

People have very diverse opinions about IC Solutions. A reviewer on Pissed Consumer tells people who complain about one dropped call on a cell phone should worry more about buying food if they are that poor. He also talks about calling IC Solutions back if the first customer service representative isn’t helpful. Apparently, some people believe that every customer service rep should actually help customers.

If you go by the RipOff Report reviews of IC Solutions that appear on various websites, people believe that the service they provide is too expensive and their customer service isn’t that good. Since the people using IC Solutions have no choice of an inmate telephone provider, they should contact the correctional facility, since the jail or prison awarded IC Solutions the contract. If enough people complain, the facility may think twice before renewing the contract.