Exorbitant Calling Prices Curtailing Inmates’ ability to Communicate with their Families

Inmate communications is an important aspect of an inmate’s rehabilitation process. Inmates who communicate with their relatives are even better placed to rehabilitate faster and to have a reduced chance of recidivism. Communication helps inmates and their relatives to catch up with each other’s lives.

Despite the importance of inmate communications, there are a lot of issues that face the industry. To begin with, many jails sign contracts with a single service provider who takes the monopolistic advantage to set high call rates. Users are forced to accept the burden since they lack cheaper options.

Another issue reported by pissedconsumer.com facing the industry is scammers. Apparently, some companies use the frustration often encountered by families trying to communicate with incarcerated relatives to scam them. The firms usually ask for high account opening rates and service charges. Even after family members struggle to cover the expenses, the companies fail to connect them to their incarcerated relations.

Another case involves dropped calls. When a call goes through, the caller may experience a call drop due to different reasons. In many cases, call drops prevail when one cannot be connected due to incompatibility issues of the communication devices. In such cases, it has been reported that inmate communications service providers do not refund the money charged to the caller.

Inmate communication service providers are profit making entities. Without proper regulations, they tend to charge their clients unfairly. In some cases, they have been reported to make payments to correctional officers to have their contracts renewed.

IC Solutions is a leading provider of inmate communications and inmate management services. The firm offers a broad range of communication services such as video visitation, account set up, and phone calls.

IC Solutions’ services are significantly cheap compared to other inmate communication providers. To improve their user experience, they have a 24-hour customer support center that handles issues on billing, payments, and opening accounts.

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