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The Dominance of the Keefe Group in Commissary Services

Keefe Group has been serving the prison industry since 1975 through its various affiliates by supplying personal hygiene products, clothing, and electronics. The company is also responsible for providing telecommunication and inmate communication solutions across the US. From footwear to computer software to jail management systems, the correctional industry has a myriad of needs and the Keefe Group has effectively capitalized on that. With affiliates such as Keefe Commissary Network, Advanced Technologies Group, and Keefe Supply Company, the group has maintained a monopoly for quite some time.
Under Fire

Over its years of operations, the Keefe Group has come under scrutiny with various allegations coming up. The most notable is the corruption scandal that involved Ex-Commissioner, Chris Epps and Cecil McCrory. Charges were brought against these two when it was discovered that the then-commissioner was directing contracts towards McCrory’s G.T Enterprises. The connection here is that Centric Group, the parent company of the Keefe Group, acquired G.T Enterprises. There have been other corruption allegations since then, but the Keefe Group has never faced charges.


Some prisoners and their relatives have complained about the high prices of products and the domination of the Keefe Group. As much as commissary services are necessary for the smooth-running of prison facilities, I believe that there should be a way for the system to work with private contractors without burdening inmates and their families. One recommendation of improving the situation that I agree with is to have competitive bids for contracts that exceed $100,000.

The Keefe Group performance is not without upsides that have benefited the prison system, though. One notable achievement is its packaging services that have allowed inmates to get food supplies that no longer come in hazardous metal cans. Keefe Group also has exclusive rights to sell song downloads, music players, prepaid debit cards, and process inmate deposits. For more information about Keefe Group, visit to have a company overview and read the news article on

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Keefe Group Helps Us Stay Connected Easily

We all know that we need to keep in touch with family members who are in jail, and we also wanted to make sure that we had the best kind of service for that. We had to sign up with someone, and we signed up with Keefe Group. We have their account going right now because we have multiple people to talk to, and we wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to to get in touch when we wanted to.
The Keefe Group phone calls that we make go right through to the jails because we tell them which place to call. It is very easy for us to get the calls to work, and we can all get around the phone if we need it. That means that we can help everyone stay in touch, and we can all hear the people on the other end because the call quality is so good.

We have been calling every couple of days because of the way that we have our schedules set up, and we are always able to get an operator on the phone to start our calls. We all show up ready for a good call, and I place the call and talk to the operator. That makes it easy for us all to hear them, and then we can talk for as long as we need to.

We have been using Keefe Group for a long time, and I think that we are going to keep using them for as long as we can. We have needed a way to chat with family, and now we are able to place calls at will. This is the fastest and simplest way to get the calls through, and it helps us keep the family together. Learn more about Keefe, visit


Securus Changing Prison Life & Communication Through Smart Technology

Securus, one of the United States leading inmate communications company, now has more than 104,000 smart units in service at various prisons. The number is quite impressive since the smart units are still in their infancy, but it goes to show that those involved with progress can really move forward at an accelerated rate.

The units are not only there to help the inmates make calls or receive them, though that is a big part of their function. The communication unit holds tablets, video kiosks, booking software, and what the company is calling an ‘S-Phone,’ which is nothing more than a smartphone. These tools are meant to function much like anyone would expect them to once one hears what they are, but there are some major differences. For one, each one of these tools are encrypted with technology that allows the company to give prisons power to monitor. Of course, it does not mean that communications are spied upon but rather monitored by algorithms looking for certain keywords that might signal criminal activity. This is just one security measure, though there are others.

Of course, security was not the only thing that Securus was attempting to provide inmates and their family. The goal is to give inmates and their families an opportunity to really connect in a way that was not possible before. Inmates can now share videos of special moments like a ballet recital or a birthday. They would have missed these moments if they did not have these technologies available to them.

The cost of communication should decrease somewhat since it is a lot easier for Securus to provide the service to prisons. It may be possible for family members to visit the inmate through a smart device without even leaving home. This means that they do not have to drive or take a bus all the way to the jail just to see their loved ones. Securus is really changing the culture within the industry in a positive way, and there is probably more to come.

Securus Technologies Excels in Innovation as U.S. Patent Office Approves Two More Patents

The U.S. patent office has issued two more patents to Securus Technologies, which is often dubbed as one of the most innovative firms in the prison communication industry. Interestingly, Securus Technologies has field more than 90 patents in the last three years. Of these, U.S. Patent office has approved 36 applications.

According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. “Rick” Smith, the new patents will help the industry abridge communication gaps between inmates and their families. To date, Securus Technologies has nearly 247 patents related to prison communication, which makes it the holder of most number of patents in the industry. Both patents issued in June are multi-party tools allowing several users to use the system simultaneously.

Patent number 9,380,082 is titled, Remote Multi-Party and/or Event-Driven Visitation for Residents of Controlled Environment Facilities. As the name indicates, it allows inmates to participate in important events outside the prison facility through a live video link. As such, the system will help prisoners interact with their loved ones on important occasions including wedding ceremonies, birthdays, funerals and graduation etc.

As for the Patent number 9,386,146, it is titled, Multi-Party Conversation Analyzer and Logger. The system behind the patented technology uses the most advance techniques in signal processing and data-mining to detect significant anomalies in the communication network. For instance, it can detect callers outside prisons by matching their voice profiles to the recorded data. Accordingly, voice detection can monitor impostors and incidents of identity scams.

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, attributed the success of innovation to 200 software developers and 100 highly-skilled on-field technicians. Besides, Securus has a hard-working team of R&D and marketing specialists who contribute to the success of the product. Mr. Smith also claimed that customer feedback is always instrumental in developing successful innovative products.

Jail to Increase Inmate Visits thanks to Video Technology

The inmates incarcerated at Sangamon County jail are set to reap big in terms of the number of visits they get from their family members and friends being increased. This is due to the presence of video screens that will allow the inmates to communicate with their visitors who will be on the first floor of the building while the inmates will be inside their cell blocks. This is far from the conventional jail visits where the inmate is brought physically to see their visitors and they talk to each other via telephone handsets.

The Sheriff at Sangamon County jail, Wes Barr, stated in that the new system will be beneficial to both the inmates and the people in charge at the jail. Not only will they get more visits while in prison but they will also pay less on their telephone calls. IC Solutions will be the provider of these services. The inmates stand to benefit a lot from the new system as they will be able to get visited five times a week and the visit duration has been increased from 20 minutes to 25 minutes. Running the jail will also be much easier as there will be minimal movement of inmates within the jail precincts.

About IC Solutions

IC Solutions is a company that offers inmate telephone calling services in their correctional facilities. It is owned by the same corporate body that owns Keefe, the company that offers inmates commissary services. The company also offers inmate management solutions that enable the management of an inmate from the time he is booked into the system until he is released. The company offers several options of communicating to the inmates. The inmate can elect to create an account, purchase some phone services, voice messaging and also chatting in real time with their family or friends via video as described above. Learn more about them, visit and