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Securus Technologies Excels in Innovation as U.S. Patent Office Approves Two More Patents

The U.S. patent office has issued two more patents to Securus Technologies, which is often dubbed as one of the most innovative firms in the prison communication industry. Interestingly, Securus Technologies has field more than 90 patents in the last three years. Of these, U.S. Patent office has approved 36 applications.

According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. “Rick” Smith, the new patents will help the industry abridge communication gaps between inmates and their families. To date, Securus Technologies has nearly 247 patents related to prison communication, which makes it the holder of most number of patents in the industry. Both patents issued in June are multi-party tools allowing several users to use the system simultaneously.

Patent number 9,380,082 is titled, Remote Multi-Party and/or Event-Driven Visitation for Residents of Controlled Environment Facilities. As the name indicates, it allows inmates to participate in important events outside the prison facility through a live video link. As such, the system will help prisoners interact with their loved ones on important occasions including wedding ceremonies, birthdays, funerals and graduation etc.

As for the Patent number 9,386,146, it is titled, Multi-Party Conversation Analyzer and Logger. The system behind the patented technology uses the most advance techniques in signal processing and data-mining to detect significant anomalies in the communication network. For instance, it can detect callers outside prisons by matching their voice profiles to the recorded data. Accordingly, voice detection can monitor impostors and incidents of identity scams.

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, attributed the success of innovation to 200 software developers and 100 highly-skilled on-field technicians. Besides, Securus has a hard-working team of R&D and marketing specialists who contribute to the success of the product. Mr. Smith also claimed that customer feedback is always instrumental in developing successful innovative products.

GTL Overcharging Prison Calls To Inmates

This action is focused on GTL and the numerous complaints about the fraudulent and unfair billings in the California prisons and jails. GTL prison collect calls have been reported by to have an extra hidden fees associated with every call that is being made in the prison cells. Inmates in the jails and prison have to use the GTL payphone o communicate to their friend, family as well their lawyers for communication. They are at times collect calls and are billed at rates that are very far higher than the average speculated at higher prices than the long distance carriers like the AT&T.
If you have a loved one in the cells, and want to fall part of this class. We would also like you to participate in the class by calling us on 817-455-6822 and tell us your problems that you have experienced dealing with pa cell prisons as well as payphones in the jails and say your case against GTL.

GTL has been found to be doing some business with ICS in the prisons of California as well as with the Corrections Department. This is the sole reason why we will also be investigating the ICS department as well when conducting the investigations about GTL. We want to offer a helping hand against the GTL unfair price hikes to the inmates and their friends and family concerning calling rates that are unlawful and unjust as well. Read:

GTL is a Telecommunications company that provides inmates with calling capacities to the people outside prison across the entire United States and also California as well. GTL has a history of unlawful and vindictive billing to phone calls, and that is what we are investing and open a big case. Watch the YouTube video campaign on GTL for more information. Check out


Information on Keefe Group Services

The Keefe group contract with GT enterprise began in November 2008. They will renew the contracts after a short period. The last time they replaced the deal was 2025 August. Keefe earned more than 40 dollars million while G.T got $3 million gross revenue MDOC inmate services. Chris Epps, the commissioner, signed the contract. Keefe group has several responsibilities like handling inmate deposits, preparation of debit cards and inmate trust funds. Keefe group had the responsibility of selling music players to prisoners; they also sold the downloaded songs. The group had the responsibility of selling commissary food products, tobacco, hygiene products and other items. Keefe group paid a commission of 29.4% for the food products. See the Kefee profile on

GT enterprises

Cecil McCoy owned the enterprise before he sold it to Keefe group in 2008. The MDOC contract started on 1st June 2006. Later it was amended in 2007. The agreement gave the owner several duties as mentioned earlier. The correctional facility purchases the products. The new management of the company operated the prison in a right way. Previously the company received 20% to 24% sales to inmates. The sales amount increased to 28%in 2007. The operation of the business has improved.

About IC solutions

An IC solution has been the principal provider of innovative telecommunications products and excellent customer service. They are currently serving more than 180 000 inmates. The services are based in the prisons worldwide. The highly rated call processing programs offer unique capabilities. IC solution ensures the satisfaction of the customers is maximum. The manager partners every new installation of IC solution. IC solution is a sister company to Keefe Commissary Network regarding providing commissary services. According to among other enterprises like access corrections, Keefe Commissary, Access Secure Pak, advanced technologies is IC solutions comes the second with their services. The company works hand in hand with the Keefe group. For more info, visit PrisonCensorship .



I Use Global Tel-Link To Call My Dad

I had to find something that was going to help me make calls to my dad in jail, and I was not sure what to use since I cannot call the jail on my own. I found Global Tel-Link when I was doing my search, and I was very happy to see something that was so focused on helping people with the same problems that I had. I have been telling people all about it since I found it from the Consumerist, and then I have been able to make many calls to my dad in jail so that I can check on him.

I think the thing people do not realize is that they have to use a service, and they might not even know the right ones to use. The first thing that most people need to remember is that they are going to get a lot better reception if they just choose to use Global Tel-Link. It connects you to the jail where you are calling someone, and it uses a system of cables that is even stronger than what you would be using at home. It is like a business line that they connect you to, and you can sign up for an account today.

I always feel really good about how I make my calls to the jail where my dad is because they are handled by professionals. They give me instant results , and they give me a call that would never drop no matter what I did. It is a good feeling to have these calls go through when I need, and all of us have used the same system to help call my dad. He needs support until he gets out, and I am sure of that.

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Four Months As An Unlikely Prisoner

Shane Bauer, a husband, talented senior reporter and loyal friend became a guard at one of the many private prisons that litter the American landscape – becoming a virtual prisoner for every hour he served in his undercover capacity. Bauer witnessed unsanitary, dangerous, inhumane conditions and found himself strangely uneasy in his own skin. Detailed in videos, photographs, personal reflective shorts and a telling and provocative editorial of his experiences, his story is as disturbing as it is compelling. Readers and viewers will likely experience the many emotional and psychological twists and turns alongside Bauer, and begin to view the population he spent time with as a bit close for comfort – regardless of the sentences served behind razor wire. The guards speak candidly about the inadequacies of the corporate prison system that result in poor staff which leads to a level of danger within prison walls that they must face every day they report for duty. Inmates express fear, anger, concern, pity, and bewilderment regarding the situation in which they find themselves – some even compare and contrast a ‘better’ state-run prison system, as they note that they are not getting even a minimal portion of humanity as they serve their sentences. Bauer even shares they plight of a fellow reporter who, as he is co-toiling on the outskirts of the private prison compound, is arrested and detained by representatives of that corporation – all to no avail – yet extremely disturbing, as is the telling of this four-month long experience in its entirety. Bauer found himself seeking information, assumed he could learn about the environment he would be a part of, if only briefly and report his findings. Though he was successful, in a very crude sense, his horrifying tales of his time reveal his permanent scars.

The Private Prison Industry Owns the LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ community has made incredible strides in the past year including the Supreme Court ruling all same-sex marriage legal. Yet who runs these small and large LGBTQ and Gay Pride organizations? It turns out that it is the private prison industry and Wells Fargo. Basically, the large corporation Wells Fargo owns a substantial amount of shares in the three largest private prison companies. These private prison companies own many prison and detention centers that are run for profit and act like businesses. Wells Fargo is also a major lender and supporter of the LGBTQ community. When you connect the dots you can see that since the private prison industry has a large effect on Wells Fargo, so does Wells Fargo on the LGBTQ. So why does Wells Fargo own and donate to them? Wells Fargo owns a lot of the private prison companies to earn money and donates lots of money to LGBTQ organizations because it makes them look good. Wells Fargo has consistently stayed at the top of every ethical list with a rating of 100% on HRC’s 2016 Corporate Equality Index. This is troubling to the few people who have realized this because the LGBTQ community is not a supporter of the private prison industry. Not only do they generally disprove of imprisoning for profit, they are disgusted that they are funded by the same company that profits off imprisoning the LGBTQ family. This calls for an immediate revoke of sponsorship from Wells Fargo by the LGBTQ community.