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Keefe Group – nickel and diming the most financially disadvantaged: prisoners

It goes against the grain that profits should be made off of the backs of incarcerated members of society, but that is exactly what is going on within the United States’ Department of Justice’s prison systems: every year, over 1.5 million members of society are locked up in government-run and private prison systems, and despite an overwhelming percentage of those members coming from financially-disadvantaged circumstances, those and all inmates must part with an exorbitant amount of money in order to enjoy simple and small pleasures such as soup, juice, chewing gum, over-the-counter headache medication, and even more essential hygienic products such as toothpaste and shower slippers.


Mass incarceration is a very real problem. And while many companies, Keefe Group for example, who manufacture and supply products to prisons would protest that they are providing prisoners with affordable amenities, many one argue that not only are these “affordable amenities” anything but truly affordable when one looks at the per-battery or per-toothbrush cost, but additionally it is these same companies who are also busy lobbying for longer sentences for convicted prisoners. It isn’t too far of a stretch to speculate, if not outright prove, that Keefe Group and others are truly looking to profit off of the misery of others. After all, more prisoners and longer sentences for those prisoners means more people wanting to purchase overpriced snacks and stationery, which in turn means more of a need for companies such as Keefe Group to continue providing their services for whatever cost they designate – since prisons will simply pass on those expenses to already financially and emotionally burdened prisoners.


Keefe Group is probably the largest provider of multiple systems for prisons and law enforcement groups — from the automated booking systems for those being arrested, arraigned, convicted, and processed; to the equally-automatic systems that enable prisoners to make phone calls, mail letters, and purchase everything from postage stamps for those letters to small items for themselves. And while it’s expected that companies should stand to make a profit, it is unexpected that companies like Keefe Group would both profit so highly off of inexpensive items and services, and then turn around and petition legislation for more incarcerations and longer incarceration terms.


IC Solutions: It’s Not Meant To Be

A lot of people want to believe in IC Solutions, but IC Solutions has not done anything to allow people to believe in them. They want to know there is an inmate phone service out there that allows them to talk to an inmate. Why would they not want to believe that? It is a good thing for two reasons: it helps the inmates and it also allows the customers to talk to the inmates and stay in touch with them. They really, truly miss them and want to be there for them. The rest of the world might have forgotten about them or thrown them to the side, but there are some people that still believe in them.


It is important to believe in people. If every single person out there that made a mistake never received a second chance, it would be a lonely world. Clearly, this mistake was a large one, as it landed them in prison. However, they still deserve a second chance unless what they did is totally and completely unforgivable. In those cases, it is impossible to give them a second chance and unreasonable to overlook what they have done. I would prefer not to talk about those crimes because they are so gruesome.


IC Solutions could allow the inmates to talk to anyone on the outside that has prepaid to speak to them. The key word to remember here is “could,” and from what I’ve read online, they have the ability to do so, but they are not doing it. It is almost like if they lose an inmate and they get out of jail, they lost a customer. It just goes to show they are more interested in making money than actually helping a real-life human being get out of jail and live their life.


IC Solutions: The Invisible Fight

It’s truly amazing to me how many people are unaware of what is going on with IC Solutions and the way they are treating inmates and their families. That is why I titled this the Invisible Fight. People are not aware of what is happening and they don’t even know something like this exists. Until it was brought to my attention, I must plead ignorance as well. I didn’t know an inmate phone service was doing this to people. Now that I know about it, I’m glad that I do. I feel like it is my duty to let people know what is going on with IC Solutions.


The more people that know about this, the more likely there is for change. So often, with people, I hear them say to themselves or to me, “What can I do? I just have to deal with it.” I’ve never come from that school of thought. The way I was raised is that when something is going wrong and something is not right, you stand up for people and you say something. You don’t turn a blind eye. You let people know what is really going on and why it needs to stop.


The reason I was unaware of this is because I don’t know any inmates and I’ve never been in prison. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care and I shouldn’t say something, though. I was given a voice for a reason, and I feel like it is important that I use it. Everyone has a voice, and they need to let it out there for causes like this. People are losing money, and inmates are suffering and possibly killing themselves behind bars. This could save a life if more people are made aware of it.


The Keefe Group – A Gigantic Player in the Correctional Market

The Keefe Group has given off to the market a fresh scent as pleasurable as baked cinnamon. Revolutionizing and adequating the market through reliable products and services, and customer care, that has remarkably landed the company in the driver’s seat of outstanding production and have driven them ahead of the competition by many, many miles.


In 1975, the Keefe Group joined the correctional market. As a beginner, it decided to take its baby steps by simply just providing the market with some really tasty coffee packets, which were a hit in a local St. Louis town prior to joining the market. The coffee packets were well received in the correctional market and so was the Keefe Group, which boosted the team’s confidence that would spark their next move.


Later, the Keefe Group would provide the St. Louis prison system with seafood. The seafood itself would be acceptable as far as quality is concerned, but what the market really was excited about was how the seafood was packaged. Plastic, plastic, plastic. During the introduction of their seafood packaged product, seafood products were packaged in metal and glass, and as a result, injuries and deaths would happen, as inmates would use such materials as weapons. The Keefe Group’s plastic packaged seafood would counteract these injuries and deaths, decreasing the injury and death rate in prisons by substantial percentages. These results would cause other players in the market to follow suit with this packaging idea and prison systems would change forever.


Today, the Keefe Group offers thousands of items and solutions to the correctional market that are totally favored by many recipients and has definitely made things a lot more convenient for the correctional market as a whole. Commissary items (snacks, food, health care items, clothes, electronics, etc.); software solutions (commissary, prison investigations, kiosk machines, etc.);communication (video visitation, collect call services, email, etc.) and more. The Keefe Group does it all. Visit their website for further details.


Today, the Keefe Group has managed to bring in over $1 billion dollars in sales a year. Production exceeds 25 million pounds a month shipped to over 800 private and public prisons. With six affiliates under their belt: Keefe Supply Company, IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak and Advanced Technologies, the sky is the limit for the Keefe Group.


Visit the Keefe Group website today for further details.


Keefe Group Is A Reliable Inmates Phone Service Provider

Are you searching for a top rated company that provides inmates communications service? Do you want to save a lot of money on your jail or prison phone calls? Keefe Group has a proven track record in the industry and comes highly recommended.


Communicating with your incarcerated loved one or friend on a regular basis without incurring outrageous charges can be very valuable. Nowadays, families and inmates across the country are getting tired of paying exorbitant phone costs just to keep in touch with loved ones.


Keefe Group is a leading provider of inmates communications service around the nation and has been around for many years. If you are thinking about switching to an affordable service provider, it’s crucial to do your home work before making a decision. Going with Keefe Group is certainly the best option for you. Benefits and advantages will definitely be heading your way after signing up with Keefe Group and accessing the top notch features and services the company has to offer.


Keefe Group is also well known for their prompt attention to customer support issues and providing the best assistance and customer service. A large number of people leave their service provider and switch to Keefe Group once they find out what the company offers to customers.


I did not hesitate to switch to this renowned company once I researched and found out that they offer the lowest rates on inmates phone calls. I have recommended their service to many people and they have signed up and are enjoying great benefits as well.


To start saving money on your calls or other inmates communications system, it is imperative that you head over to their website right away and create a new account. The company has a streamlined process, which makes it fast and easy to set up your account and start using their service. You can do it in just a few minutes. If you need help then get in touch with their customer service representatives and they will address any issues you may have.


The Keefe Group – Executing Remarkable Plans of Sustainability

The Keefe Group’s executive intelligence is out of this world. I’m specifically impressed with its ability to accumulate over $1 billion a year in sales and hold contracts with over 800 prisons. The planning results and getting teams on board to follow through is absolutely amazing.


Vice President, Paul Scherer has been overseeing the many department operations of the Keefe Group for about 11 years now. He has successfully ensured that product solutions are up to par, that customer service teams are proficient and that shipment teams are meeting their demands to customers. The leadership roles with the Keefe Group is immaculate, taking responsibility, motivating and encouraging their teams, producing incredible results as suppose. Paul Scherer is a big influence on the Keefe Group and it shows in their numbers.


With $1 billion dollars accumulated in sales a year, while shipping 25 million pounds of product a month to over 800 prisons, is following a pretty effective plan. Prisons currently in contract are looking to keep their contracts with the Keefe Group, while new comers are looking to sign. Staffed teams of the Keefe Group are getting along very well, trained well and executes as they are supposed. A well oiled machine the Keefe Group is.


There are so many positive reviews regarding the work environment at the Keefe Group. So many employees with a long history with the company, appreciating their positions and succeeding at great heights. The Keefe Group’s criteria for bringing staff onboard, successfully filters out the negatives and brings aboard the diligent, the genuine, the passionate, the responsible, the proficient and the motivated to support a system that exceeds the competition by huge measures.


The Keefe Group has six affiliates that works together with them: Keefe Supply Company, IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak and Advanced Technologies. Together, the Keefe Group is able to provide the correctional market with quality foods, snacks, beverages, electronics, music, communications, software solutions, automated programming and much, much more.


For further information on the Keefe Group, visit their website for details. The Keefe Group is an avid supporter of many charitable organizations.


IC Solutions: This Is Hopeless

If you were ever looking for a situation that was completely and totally hopeless, you don’t need to look that far. You can find that situation in IC Solutions. After all, in this situation, it is rather cut and dry. It is a situation between a parent and a child that is behind bars. I can only imagine the pain the parent is feeling, as I’m not a parent myself. You just have to picture someone you love more than anything in the world, and you want to talk to him or her desperately. You feel like you have failed them, even though that is not the case. In some circumstances, people just fall down the wrong road and they end up hanging out with wrong group of kids.


I would also venture to guess it is impossible to keep track of your kids 24/7. It is not that easy. You can give them all of the advice, wisdom, and knowledge you have, but once they are out in the real world, there is no telling what might happen or what road they might go down as young adults. You hope they will take that wisdom to heart and be good people.


On the off chance, they are followers and they just do what everyone else is saying and they do something stupid just because someone else did it, they might end up in prison, which is every parent’s worst nightmare. That is why the parents need IC Solutions to let them talk to their child and be there for them. Of course, the parents are disappointed and upset, but they still love them, no matter what. They want to help them and be there for them in whatever way they can be, though thick and thin. It’s tough to do with IC Solutions collecting money and not transferring the calls.


IC Solutions: There Has To Be A Better Way

For those people out there that are looking for a better way to get ahead in terms of communicating with an inmate, they will realize rather quickly they need to look elsewhere when it comes to IC Solutions. They will not provide the solutions they are looking for, and they will only cause more stress and more heartache for everyone involved. They are not a good company, and they do not have a good reputation on the Internet. As a matter of fact, they have one of the worst reputations on the Internet, which is one they have earned.


It starts with the fact that they don’t have any respect for their customers. You have to remember, these are the customers that are keeping the company in business. One of the biggest rules to running any company is keeping the customer happy. Now, it is impossible to make everyone happy and put a smile on everyone’s face, but it seems like IC Solutions is not even trying and they are not even remotely interested in fixing the many issues that plague the company. One of the biggest issues the company faces is the fact the customers can’t get through to the inmate, even after they have paid for the phone call.


It just doesn’t make any sense to me on any level. I don’t understand what is so difficult about it when IC Solutions is prepaid. All they need to do is patch the phone call through for the customer. It is as simple as that. Instead, they like to play mind games and mess with the customers. I don’t understand how it is fair on any level in today’s world, and it frustrates me to know the poor customers are dealing with this kind of stress and this kind of heartache because of IC Solutions.


IC Solutions: This Company Will Never Get It

There comes a point in time where either someone figures it out or they don’t in their life. IC Solutions has hit the expiration date on that, and it is clear they are not any closer to figuring things out. They need to want to figure things out, and it is obvious they don’t want to figure things out. It’s hard to help the ignorant and the arrogant. That is the exactly the category that IC Solutions falls under, and they are the kings of being ignorant and arrogant. They pride themselves on it, even though they don’t want come out and say it. They have to keep up appearances. It is clear they have kept up appearances.


On their website, they discuss bringing customers closer together with inmates through their phone service. They even have stock photos to drive that point home. If I have learned anything in life it is this: when a company is trying this hard to make things appear normal, things are not normal. It either happens organically or it does not happen at all. It is not happening at all with IC Solutions, and the proof is in the links that are out there like this one: http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/the_high_cost_of_a_phone_call.html.


There are plenty of other links to comb through when looking up IC Solutions, but this one is mainstream. Because it is mainstream, it really hits home the point of what is going wrong with IC Solutions and how they have fallen off the rails. Although, in their mind, the checks are clearing and they are making money. They don’t see anything wrong with what’s happening with them or how they are ruining the lives of customers. It doesn’t hit any notes with them and it doesn’t register on their radar. It shows how blind they are to their shortcomings.


Keefe Group: Affordable Phone Services For Inmates

Do you have a family member incarcerated? Are you having a problem keeping in touch with them financially? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I have a solution for you. The solution to inmate communication is Keefe Group Communication system. It is a proven communication system that is serving thousands of customers across the nation. They are affordable, reliable and readily available.


They are many companies that offer phone services to prisons, jails and other correctional facilities across the country but most people choose Keefe Group because of their affordable rates.


Keefe Group has many products and services for their customers, especially for the inmate community. Keefe Group is an answered prayer for inmates and their families who are looking for ways to save money and time. I was introduced to Keefe Group communication services many years ago. I have saved time and money using the services they offer. It is incredibly reasonable and convenient.


You can now talk and visit your family member from the comfort of your home using their cutting-edge video visitation technology. All you need to enjoy this affordable technology, offered by Keefe Group communication services is your computer and internet access. You can simply follow their step by step instructions and schedule a video visitation with your loved one. The benefit of visiting your loved without leaving your home is very rewarding. Talking and seeing your loved one at the same time bridges the gap of separation that exists when someone is incarcerated.


What makes a good customer service to you? Keefe Group customer service is an embodiment of a good customer service. They are efficient in helping customers in a friendly manner. They always strive for customer satisfaction. The excellent customer service at Keefe group sets them apart from the other communication companies.


You can always visit Keefe group website 24/7 to set up a new account. You can read up on all the other services they provide to correctional facilities across the nation. Once you try their products and services you will not hesitate to recommend Keefe Group to your friends and family