IC Solutions Cares About One Thing: Money

When running a business, the backbone of that business is the customers and the people. They are what makes it work. When you have happy customers and happy people, they are going to come back for more and they are going to refer their friends. With IC Solutions, I don’t see anyone referring them anytime soon and for good reason. They are con artists and they are ripping people off left and right. Even worse, they don’t seem to care one ounce about it, and they do not lose any sleep over it. They just keep on doing it because the more they do it, the more money they make.

Money can make people act in a boorish and crazy way. IC Solutions is a jail phone services provider, and they are supposed to act as a way for inmates to speak to those that are missing them and caring about them while they are in prison. Yes, they are in prison, but that does not mean they are just forgotten about and thrown to the wayside. That is not how it works and that is not how the world is supposed to be run. Prison is a second chance for them and it is a chance for them to start their lives over again.

For a lot of people, they need to hit rock bottom to realize what they have lost and the importance of it. The people that have to pay for the phone call are the family, friends, and loved ones and even when they are paying and paying on time (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/corruption-within-inmate-calling-and-prison-services-for-inmates-and-families-20150817684649.html), they are being double charged and they can’t get through to the inmate and there are a mountain or roadblocks and obstacles. It ends up with IC Solutions making money while the inmate has no one to talk to and the customer is ripped off. That is not a winning formula.